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"Countdown" timer feature - pushbutton (or from turning on)

Hello everyone,


as i seen now the way to create any countdown timer has no regard to the current state of the sonoff. when a timer is created (of any kind) it creates a TIME-STAMP to change the state of the switch.

is it possible to create a timer lets say to turn off an appliance 20 minutes FROM THE MOMENT it was turned on? (its good even if this effects only turning on via push-button)

with the current situation  if i create a loop timer or any other it may turn off the device after 2 minutes as the timer is not counting from the state change.


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I can confirm that both the new inching function in firmware 2.6 as well as the loop timer as detailed by martin earlier in this thread BOTH work as a countdown timer based on when my device is switched to on.

Inching has a max time of 1 hour, the loop timer can go for longer. Both work great on my sonoff basic switches. I use it currently in several locations to turn off the piano after an hour, turn off a humidifier after 45 minutes, turn off a table fan after 2 hours.

I love it!

They both work now for me as well.  :) (updates finally came thru on apps)

Martin's countdown method works well BUT I found on the 1st turn on it always fell short on the set time, further op's no problems.

Marlerman, would this work with the following setup... I have a one cup Kettle that boils and dispense a cup at a time. I want to say "ok Google, coffee time!" And it boil the kettle, dispense the water into the cup and wala! However with this setup the kettle keeps boiling unless I shout "ok Google turn off the kettle. What iv got upto now: Generic smart switch Breville one cup Kettle, Tape to hold the power on button permanently on. I have a headache from scouring the web for answers to this simple request!
Asa, both the loop timer or inching would work great if you hook up your Sonoff switch to your kettle. I use IFTTT to link Google to my sonoffs, so that would be useful for your voice command, then just adjust the settings on the Sonoff to use inching or loop timer and set it to turn off after however many minutes it takes to boil water, so a minute or two.
Ahh ok thanks! So from complete noob level, what's the first step?
Flip back to the previous posts, they have the detailed instructions on loop timers and inching. Below is my piano on a loop timer that turns it off 30 minutes after it is turned on.

This stumped me for ages because I am using the G1 12v version (not the GSM but model IM160722001).

This unit seems to need to be in the 'Self Lock' mode for the intructions in this thread to work. (otherise it just give a brief momentary closure regardless of the app settings) . To configure Press the outer button and the outer led (one nearest the board edge) lights up to indicate the correct mode.  Once this is done timers seem to be configured as per this thread although the 'inching timer' seems to have a 3600 unit limit so the loop timer seems to give best time ranges.

I use mine for a heating timer which once triggered on turns off the heating after so many minutes.

I want this feature for Sonoff pow r2. I want my water heater to turn off automatically after 40 minutes or so once it is turned on manually with the built in push button switch. At the same time, I want scheduled on off timer to start the heater every day at a particular time like 6:00 am. Please do it.

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I can't get the loop timer to work as 'martin' describes.  As others found, the switch is triggered at multiples of the cycle period from the Start Time.  If the start is 23:59 and the cycle is 3 minutes, then the switch after power-on occurs at  2, 5, 8, 11, etc. minutes past the hour, no matter when power is applied.  

I can't use inching because my application (extractor fan ON after delay) needs to start OFF then switch ON and inching only works the other way.  I may have to fall back on manual RF switching.

Hi there, 

I´m pretty new in this wifi switch thing, so asking from the total ignorance. Do you know if the inching feature can be programmed to occur only at certain periods of the day, i.e. between 21:00 and 9:00, whike the rest of the day leave the switch without inching? I am talking about a sonoff touch EU

Thanks a lot for your help (for replying if you know, but also for all the previous comments which are really useful!)


No, inching is always on. I would also like this feature.

The inching feature works great when you ALWAYS want the "light" to turn off in x minutes. But...

I use a motion sensor to turn on the garage lights when passing through and inching will auto turn them off. Cool. However sometimes we need to work in the garage and want to turn the lights on indefinitely until I turn them off...inching does not allow this. My garage lights are controlled by Sonoff 3-gang smart switch witch does NOT have the Loop Timer option so the only solution seems to be inching, but again that doesn't allow manually keeping the light on.

Has anyone found a solution to this scenario?

The scenarios should be:

1. motion detector turns lights on, then off after 5 min.

2. manual smart switch turns light on and stays on till turned off manually or by a scene.


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I have just come across this post which contains several possibilities.

I use push several button switches to control light on a staircase, commonly used in France. I wired up Sonoff USB 5V Dry Contact (Sonoff DC) switch with a PIR and RF Bridge.

I want the PIR to activate the Sonoff DC to turn lights on, that  works great.

I need to set a timer to set a delay of 10minutes to reactivate the Sonoff DC turn the light off?

Inching does not work as that appears to be a continuously repeating command?

Nine months ago there is the following post, Is this what I should be doing or is there an other work around.

I have been in touch with Sonoff support but without and answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I could use the same principle for many things.


said 9 months ago

Flip back to the previous posts, they have the detailed instructions on loop timers and inching. Below is my piano on a loop timer that turns it off 30 minutes after it is turned on.

Bonjour Eugène Je ne comprends pas pourquoi la fonction INCHING ne te convient pas. C'est exactement ce que j'utilise chez moi. Le PIR envoie le signal d'allumage par l'intermédiaire du bridge et par scénario allumé la lampe. Au niveau du sonore alimentant la lampe, en programmant son INCHING avec le temps ET le paramètre OFF, ça marche.
I had a requirement to be able to to turn on flood lights with PIR motion sensor and auto turn off after 5 min OR to manually turn the lights on and they must stay on. This required two separate devices, which sucks as this should be possible programatically. The manual switch overrides the PIR control. Hope this helps.
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