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"Countdown" timer feature - pushbutton (or from turning on)

Hello everyone,


as i seen now the way to create any countdown timer has no regard to the current state of the sonoff. when a timer is created (of any kind) it creates a TIME-STAMP to change the state of the switch.

is it possible to create a timer lets say to turn off an appliance 20 minutes FROM THE MOMENT it was turned on? (its good even if this effects only turning on via push-button)

with the current situation  if i create a loop timer or any other it may turn off the device after 2 minutes as the timer is not counting from the state change.


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I guess the adjustable Inching that seems to of now been implemented on some firmwares (2.7.0 reported

should do the same thing. All my switches are at 2.6.0?

just use a loop timer 

set the cycle to how many minutes you want it to turn of after 

set start action  to off

and make sure the AFTER check box is not ticked .

The inching feature works. Set it to wanted timing in ms and it will turn off after specified period. Ewelink ver 2.6.0
Loop timer does not work. It still uses the start date/time for some reason. I need to stop after 1 hour but if the start time is say set to 10:00am then it will always turn off at the top of the hour regardless of when you turn the device on. I've just ordered a 4 channel pro r2 to test inching.

loop timer works greart dont alter the time and date at the top at all

I've tested this a lot and for an hour interval it always uses the timer from the top.

got mine set to 20 minutes and it turns off 20 minutes after being turned off every time.


Hmmm. Maybe it's the hour that's the problem, I'll give it a go with 59 minutes.

Inching is available Sonoff Basic firmware v2.6.0, under setting.  As Patrick said, the duration is in step of 500ms (instead of second in wording) , so a max duration of 36,000,000ms is 10 hours.  I deleted my loop timer and tried inching function, it works well except power on state is off even its setting is ON (another bug).   With this bug, I cannot use inching.  I normally turns on the light with the  physical switch and let Sonoff Basic turns the light off after 30 minutes, then much later I turns off the physical switch.  I will keep my loop timer till inching bug fixed.

Thanks martin.(with lower case "m" ) Seems to work :).. Will see what happens after 24hrs :)

Its prob very important NOT to highlight the AFTER button.

That's what I think I was doing on my earlier attempts.


"Inch" is very good feature for switching off device after a preset time whenever device is switched on. I was waiting for such a requirement. Great!!

Inching seems to work fine. Strange setting from a usability point of view. I would have expected this to be some timer option. Seems to work for the complete device so for all 3 gangs in a 3-gang switch. Would be nice to make this a gang-option. Nevertheless it does what I need it to do in this usecase.

Hooray... Inching function has now showed up in my Settings.
Allows proper countdown timers including momentary or timed on or off in 500mSec increments from switch operation any time.
Switch touch in eWelink app or Alexa voice control.
1,. Alexa open garage door(500ms)
2,. Alexa turn on toilet fan. (60,000ms)

What's your experience with that? Only one hour is set. They are not going to set two hours.
This is one hour. I can not set more.
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