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Sonoff 4CH looses connectivity

Hi, I’m having trouble with Sonoff 4CH. I have configured them on Ewelink app but they keep disconnecting. My other switches use Jinvoo app and they work smooth but these Sonoff switches are constantly loosing connection.

Technical details:

WiFi light stays stable for some time and then again starts blinking (2 blinks then pause)

When I ping there are a lot of ping drops.

Please help.

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I have a 4ch sonoff and I have switched my wifi network (the company that provides the service). I can no longer do sonoff 4ch pairing with the wifi network. I think I will have to free some port on the modem router but I do not know how to identify Sonoff on the network.

My modem is a Humax hgb10r 02, 35MB, with 2.4 and 5 GHz wi-fi. Sonoff works by 2.4. I connect my phone to this network and try to make the same connection as the other service before, but I can not finish the installation in eWelink.

I need your technical support.

Thank you in advance.

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