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IFTTT integration

What a pleasant surprise to find that Google Home integration is now working with Sonoff devices. After linking eWeLink with Google Home, I can now perform these functions:

- turn on/off lights, coffee, tv/stereo, etc just by simple voice commands

- with Google Home's room function, I can say turn off Kitchen and the whole kitchen shuts down - lights, coffee, and other cookers obey in one command.

So the next step in home automation will be integration with IFTTT. With this, a whole new range of wondrous capabilities can happen:

- turn on/off lights, tv/stereo, heater/AC, etc. automatically when you go/leave home

- log device activities in Google spreadsheets for later analysis

- turn on heaters at home or in green room, etc. when weather reports say it's getting cold

- many-many more

Please Itead make this happen and your devices will be in greater use and demand.

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Hi Tony, I think it's a brilliant idea. I tested it and I could get it to work. The ewelink app scene is able to acknowledge the trigger and act on hitting the bridge rf button. You might want to try a few times and check the distance between the bridge and rf receiver. The bridge range isn't that fantastic. I could only get it to work past one wall, and not 100% reliably.

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Hi Kye, interesting that you could get it to work. Yet mine does not. 

Did you run it with an IFTTT applet?

Kye, just for further clarification, my bridge has not arrived yet, ordered and on its way. So I am using two switches to test this.

Any chance you can test it with another switch in the scene instead of the rf device from the bridge?

@tony I understand exactly what you mean and mine doesn’t work either. I have a group of lights who turn on together as a scene and each must individually receive an IFTTT command (all 3 just Sonoff Basic). I did have a B1 bulb also, but it isn’t IFTTT capable at all. My current thinking is that it is to do with endless loops. If the scene activated a switch that activated IFTTT you go ifttt > scene > ifttt > scene endlessly. I suspect this is the easiest place to break the circle.

@EB Yes it is strange that IFTTT doesnt activate a scene. In your case, you could use a sonoff basic to turn on the bulb via a scene.

Hi Tony, I was too eager to see the results and skipped ifttt. My bad. You're right. Some how, the scene within the ewelink app didn't register the state change and fails to act accordingly. So ifttt don't play nicely with ewelink app scene.

Yes, IFTTT seems to have an issue with scenes. I use a TH20 to control my heating, controlling zone valves and radiator fans. Scenes didn't work but multiple IFTTT commands linked to the same TH20 event (simply on/ off, but actually connected to anything) allow for control of multiple devices. Not sure how to go about that with RF bridge though, Like Tony, i am still waiting for my RF bridge to arrive

Anyone know of something that can go in between ifttt and the sonoff switch?

the scene works with an alexa command but I dont think stringify can give alexa a command, it only works the other way around.

Hmmmmmm, frustrating. It must be a very small part of the ifttt message code missing when it delivers to ewelink......

& annoyingly my RF Bridge is still broken. Based on my experience with a B1 bulb, also not IFTTT, I suspect it won’t work. It doesn’t work the other direction either. For example if you activate a scene that includes a device with IFTTT action it doesn’t fire the IFTTT. I suspect they’ve simply just erected a firewall between scenes and IFTTT in their servers.

@EB maybe a firewall, but I suspect they have just missed a small piece of code from the message being fired. I am sure itead want their sonoff devices to be as universally accepted by other programs such as IFTTT and stringify, so maybe this is just an oversight.

Unless of course, IFTTT have deliberately prevented ewelink from running scenes, maybe to ensure itead keep mapping the entire product line to IFTTT. If this is the case then it is only a matter of time before bulbs, wall switches, sensors, and hub will become available in IFTTT..........he says in a hopeful voice!

Ok, I hope I am not offending for sort of taking over this thread....?

I tried it again, and it worked! It ran the scene to turn on another switch, but it did not run the turn off scene after the stringify timer expired.

Nor can i get it to do it refuses to run the scene again.....very strange.

Well at least you got it to work once. I haven’t ever got a scene and IFTTT to cowork… My guess is that both Scenes and the IFTTT integration are run from their servers and they are working on those. In particular I imagine there is a lot of ongoing work on allowing control over LAN even without wifi. I still don’t know if their plans include scenes working over LAN. I suspect this all ties into the real reason IFTTT broke in early January. If they move scenes from the cloud to their devices I think you may get your wish and this will work. I suspect they won’t though. The trigger device would need to store what its condition was and what it was supposed to do in its memory. I suspect integrating that with the app is too difficult.

Certainly in my experience a SONOFF event triggered by IFTTT does not seem to trigger a further IFTTT event on the target device. I use this to advantage with lighting where their action are linked (example simplified)

for example 

lamp 1 on triggers lamp 2 on by IFTTT

lamp 2 on triggers lamp 1 on by IFTTT

In theory this should lead to an infinite number of triggers as IFTTT "bounces" between the two "on" commands however in reality the event triggered by the first IFTTT event does not trigger an new event from the other lamp, it is ignored.

where i want multiple events from a single sonoff event instead of "chaining" the events set multiple IFTTT commands to the same event


on lamp 1 on turn on lamp 2

on lamp 1 on turn on lamp 3

on lamp 1 on turn on lamp 4 etc etc

Hope this helps, if not ignore my ramblings - lol

Gotcha, but it was me that was obviously rambling: I didn’t mean a smart series, I meant and actual dumb physical wiring series. Anyway, I have thought of a way to test it (sort of) I have a floor lamp controlled by a Sonoff Basic that has an E27 bulb connector, so I have put a B1 in. The B1 turns on with power. A scene is triggered by the B1. It works. I turn on the basic via IFTTT, it powers up the B1 and a scene is triggered. It does require two devices though. I don’t have two switches free to physically connect, but I think the same will be true.

Is there any feedback on if / when the B1 bulb will be added to the list of supported devices to allow direct operation?

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