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IFTTT integration

What a pleasant surprise to find that Google Home integration is now working with Sonoff devices. After linking eWeLink with Google Home, I can now perform these functions:

- turn on/off lights, coffee, tv/stereo, etc just by simple voice commands

- with Google Home's room function, I can say turn off Kitchen and the whole kitchen shuts down - lights, coffee, and other cookers obey in one command.

So the next step in home automation will be integration with IFTTT. With this, a whole new range of wondrous capabilities can happen:

- turn on/off lights, tv/stereo, heater/AC, etc. automatically when you go/leave home

- log device activities in Google spreadsheets for later analysis

- turn on heaters at home or in green room, etc. when weather reports say it's getting cold

- many-many more

Please Itead make this happen and your devices will be in greater use and demand.

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Yes, Arvin'; solution is what I use, works a treat. "Alexa Turn on Upstairs heating" triggers a TH10 to turn on which then causes 1 zone valve to open and 4 fans to activate using 5 if /then commands. all trigger together perfectly.

Hi, sorry if this is out of sync with other topics. I'm having a huge problem with my ifttt. I'm trying, without any luck so far to have ifttt trigger when I get near home. That said, I have also tried to make it work when I enter a geographical area which is predetermined in the set up, with no luck at all. On Brian's advice, I got ifttt to send me an email when I move into or out of an area, which I did and this worked. So I set two ifttt scences one when go into an area, the other when I get "NEAR" home, the trigger locations were set up in the initial set up process. One of the "apps" didn't work, But the one when I get near home, did turn on my sonoff, using the ewelink software. But only after I got in the house. I'm sure that's not right. I'm also convinced it should work, so I'm hoping someone may be able to help, thanks in advance
And in addition, I can turn my lights on and off through my phone network as well as my own wifi network , well that's if ifttt uses local wifi when in range. Hope this makes sense.

 I am really happy Itead decided to integrate IFTTT!

I'd love to see the Bridge work on IFTTT too....


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Me too for the bridge!

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Hi I am having trouble connecting to the Ewelink service in IFTTT. When it brings me to the login page I log in but IFTTT says 'couldnt connect to service' Any ideas?
IFTTT is otherwise running OK, eWeLink is having a load of problems. Hope it sorts soon.
Are you able to connect your Ewelink account to IFTTT because no matter what I try it don't work for me.
No, my IFTTT applets fail trying to connect.
Thanks, it's not just me so.

It doesn't work for me neither. 

It's a general issue, the server has been going offline/ online for several days. The IFTTT disconnectivity is new today; we would all like to see comms from iTead but it is silent ☹

Likewise been having issues with sonoffs going off line for a few days but after IFTTT totally failing today, going to have to have a rethink as to if these devices have the resilience for an automated home, my heating has been problematic all day as the temperature probed TH's are not opening and closing the heating zone valves due to failing IFTTT. May just have to go over to traditional room stats and good old reliable wires. Sad but i hate "not quite working properly" technology seems to have been having problems, it uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) for its server, both it an IFTTT are very robust so I don't understand why the issues, maybe the holiday period? Let's see what happens, hopefully some apologetic announcements?

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