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IFTTT integration

What a pleasant surprise to find that Google Home integration is now working with Sonoff devices. After linking eWeLink with Google Home, I can now perform these functions:

- turn on/off lights, coffee, tv/stereo, etc just by simple voice commands

- with Google Home's room function, I can say turn off Kitchen and the whole kitchen shuts down - lights, coffee, and other cookers obey in one command.

So the next step in home automation will be integration with IFTTT. With this, a whole new range of wondrous capabilities can happen:

- turn on/off lights, tv/stereo, heater/AC, etc. automatically when you go/leave home

- log device activities in Google spreadsheets for later analysis

- turn on heaters at home or in green room, etc. when weather reports say it's getting cold

- many-many more

Please Itead make this happen and your devices will be in greater use and demand.

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Looking good, but it dont work for me 
I use Android/ Samsung Galaxy S5, are you use a iPhone ? Perhaps thats the different ?
I’m on iPhone, I also have other 4 channel relay and that is coming under 4 channel plug

It doesn't work with RFBridge, i'd like to use ifttt with RFBridge.

Now that has me thinking. With the sonoff touch now IFTTT enabled, could this be the way around the lack of two pole device? Could we simply use IFTTT on each each switch to say if one switch is on then turn on the other switch and vice versa effectively removing the need for the second wire of the pair?

I just want it working properly :( 

NOW ITS WORKING YEHAAAAAS also for 1 switch Model Thx again and again :-)
IFTTT integration is now available. Select eWeLink as the IF (Trigger) or THAT (Action) service (assume one has an eWeLink account to log into). 4, 3, 2, and 1 channel switches are supported.

I wish the IFTTT integration was just *that* much more functional, rather than pure on / off.

How about a timer function? If x then y on for z minutes

I cannot get my single channel to work with IFTTT. I can see my Sonoff's device name listed (MyDevice....) in IFTTT once I logged in to eWeLink but when trying to turn on or off, the switch does not respond. 

Has anyone else had this problem?

@Mark. What exactly are you doing. What is then IF condition/ device and what is the Then condition/device.

I have one Sonoff TH controlling 3 Sonoff singles via IFTTT without any problems.

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@Brian , I did a test this morning for the IF THIS condition/device to be a simple button widget (just to try) and the THEN THAT condition/device to be my Son off 1-channel switch (Sonoff WiFi Wireless Smart Remote Switch Home Automation Module ABS Shell Socket for DIY Home I can see the device name in IFTTT so I don't understand why I'm having issues with the communication. Mark
Anyone have any ideas?

@Mark I am using the same single channel switches and they work perfectly so I am a bit confused. I assume the latest firmware is installed (mine are running 1.6.0). If you are seeing the devices then they must be linked. Do you get any message when you click "Check Now" from the IFTTT applet screen?

Have you tried a different IF trigger condition to see if the problem lies with the iF or the THEN?

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