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control sonoff with nextion

hello i need help please; i don't have any idea about programming but what i want i think it is easy
i want buy this items to control light of my home : 
- (2) Sonoff 4CH Pro - 4 Gang Inching/Self-Locking/Interlock WiFi RF Smart Switch
- (2) 433MHz Wireless 4 Buttons Push Cover RF Remote

Nextion NX3224T024 - Generic 2.4" TFT Intelligent LCD Touch Display

ESP-01: Esp8266 Serial Wifi Wireless Transceiver Networking Module For Arduino

my idea is to use the nextion screen  to turn lights off/on nothing else; so is that what i need in my basket or i must buy other items ?
and how i can let nextion know the sonoff switch ? like the android app

thanks but sorry that don't help me

my idea is clear and from what i see in many youtube videos they show tutorials and give links where to buy + code used ; that help alot 

sonoff can controled easily with android app or remote ; what i need is how control it using nextion and i need help exactly in this not kid kits

Create a Human Machine Interface with the Nextion Editor as per your needs.

- upload this HMI project to the Nextion

Pair your project with a chosen Microprocessor

 - program the microprocessor to match your HMI design on Nextion

Touch from Nextion,  goes to Microprocessor,

Microprocessor reacts with your Sonoff

thanks Patrick 

so i need to buy arduino ? and how the microprocessor reacts with sonoff ?

i see a video about that but without any details

Arduino?  Why an Arduino? and why not Sonoff DEV kit

Microprocessor must be programmed

 - programming instructions cause reaction with sonoff.

Not as easy as stated, programming microcontrollers is serious

Especially with High Voltage.

i have no idea about programming 

so maybe i stay with android app or i will flash sonoff to control it from pc

thanks for help

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