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Sonoff RF bridge doesn't learn remote buttons, always times out

I'm trying to get the Sonoff Bridge to learn remote codes from this remote APA3-1500R. This remote is operating at 433.92MHz

The bridge goes into learning mode, I hear a beep and the red led is flashing. However, I try many times to learn different buttons, but it always fails after one minute with a timeout error.

This way the bridge is useless to me. I'm following the instructions closely. Is there a way to fix this? Can you release a firmware update?



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I ordered a key FOB as suggested by Leif Funder to program my 433.92 MHz remotes and then to program the 433 RF Bridge. The new key FOBs cannot be programmed with 433.92 MHz remotes. What I wanted to do was use the bridge to open two sliding gates via my SmartPhone which I can open with my 433.92 MHz remotes. I need to find other alternatives and working on that. The 433 RF Bridge is a dud.

Eu tentei de tudo para fazer esse Bridge 433 funcionasse. NÃO TEVE JEITO! A solução para meu portão deslizante foi ----  Canal de Inching / modo de travamento automático Wi-Fi Wireless Switch 5V / 12V IM160426001 ----  Portão controlado com 433.92 MHZ a placa do meu motor tem uma entrada para botoeira (contato manual). Essa placa tem uma configuração que permite ligar e desligar em segundos.

Vide manual link ==

Thanks Roberto Santa Anna, I am using similar solution to operate my gate openers. Gate control board has two contacts which when shorted will operate the gate. So, my plan is to use a Smart WiFi based "Normally Open" contact relay switch to control via my Smartohone and Alexa. I plan to order the following board from Alibaba and use it.

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Kallum Burgin
said 3 months ago


I eventually got the £2 rf remote from China. I got impatient and bought a £5 from amazon before. They're nearly identical. Neither can learn the buttons to control my fireplace :( I guess it's not just the rf bridge at fault. It's a Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA if anyone finds a solution.

According to this ( that remote looks pretty much exactly the same as the one I have for my "Heat and Glo" fireplace (although mine is white rather than black). It is also apparently 433.92 MHz for Europe and 315 MHz for U.S. As you're quoting pounds I assume you have the european model running at 433.92 - same as mine in Australia.

Anyhow, I tried to record the remote using the sonoff bridge but eventually gave up. I instead got a Broadlink RM Pro and it works fine. My Broadlink only knows 433, and I have another 315 remote I'd like to be able to control so I'm trying to hunt down the version that does both.

Again, I am not knocking the Sonoff bridge - it looks to be well built, the thing to be aware of is that the main purpose for it is to control Sonoff devices. My mistake was to simply assume it would be able to control *any* 433mhz device, but it has not been coded to do that. I suspect that someone may be able to create new firmware to enable it to learn a wider range of controls, but until that happens mine is in a drawer.

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A bit disappointing that in 9 months there appears to be no significant move forward on this issue and little if any response from the Itead support personnel. Is there any progress being made on broad support for 433 MHz device remote controls?  Can Itead please put  a timeline on a resolution or should we just forget this device?
Can Itead publish a list of devices and a list of codes that are compatible with the Bridge?
I personally have tried three different remote controls. One for a roller blind, one for a ceiling fan and one for a garage door opener.


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Same problem here. Won't link with any remote. I think Nate Bhadriraju is right. We're trying to do something with a device that it is not meant to do, namely use it as a bridge between a non sonoff device and a mobile phone using a non sonoff remote.

Could anyone confirm if they have actually managed to confige the sonoff RF bridge in the configuration I describe, namely as a purely standalone device without any other sonoff devices? 

Also are there any other devices on the market that act as an RF bridge other than the Broadlink?

Finally, there seems to be different types of sonoff bridges. I have identified two (see attachment), namely the sonoff black box which has 4 round corners and the sonff bridge with 2 bezzled corners and 2 straight corners (I have the later). Has anyone noticed a difference in configuration depending on which device they are using?

(15.9 KB)

Same issue here, can't get 433 remotes to work.

Same problem. The device is not learning my remote controls. 
I tried 4 different remotes. Same problem.

Hi Folks, same issue for me - RF bridge working with Sonoff fob ok , but won't learn my own RF Remotes.... I'm happy to order up the learning remote that Leif Funder recommends, but has anyone else had success with it?  It does seem a bit counter intuitive, but if it works...... ???

Just for info the sonoff fob shipped to me has very little in terms of processing on the circuit board... there are other makes that use the same outer casing that have more capable (learning) hardware on board, if ITEAD could adopt one might give us more hope of compatibility.

When pairing remote can you hear the beep voice and whether the device led blinking?

Did you bought remote from us?

Be notice that:

Note 1: 

The receiving supports fixed code 433 frequency, like PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527, etc.

Not support to learn rolling code and dynamic code

Not all remote compatible with RF bridge.

What is your remote control chip?

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Same problem over here, I'm also from the Netherlands. Cannot learn 433 (Action) remote. Read that the decoding is happening in an other part of the firmware on a other chip within the sonoff. Flashing custom firmware doesn't workaround this problem..

Any chance to get this resolved?

The sonoff bridge is not learning my RF remote for my Elunevision projector screen. Had tried it to set it up several times but the bridge does not seem to recognize the remote. Has anyone been able to learn this type of remote (It's similar to a cut in remote- just 3 buttons - up, stop send down).

You probably will not succeed!

The receiving supports fixed code 433 frequency, like PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527

Although many manufacturers use 433MHz but with their own program code, and it's impossible to duplicate everything that works on RF Bridge.

I have bought these small switches, you can connect to the on / off switch, then they can turn on and off! Look Link! The relay is potential-free, does not carry any current -0 volts! :-)

DC3V 3,7 v 5 v 6 v 7 v 9 v 12 v Mini Relay Wireless RF 433MHz

You mean that Sonoff Bridge can control these switches?


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