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Sonoff RF bridge doesn't learn remote buttons, always times out

I'm trying to get the Sonoff Bridge to learn remote codes from this remote APA3-1500R. This remote is operating at 433.92MHz

The bridge goes into learning mode, I hear a beep and the red led is flashing. However, I try many times to learn different buttons, but it always fails after one minute with a timeout error.

This way the bridge is useless to me. I'm following the instructions closely. Is there a way to fix this? Can you release a firmware update?



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Well, mine works a lot better. For over 1 year continuously, 2 window open/closers (so 4 signals), door alert, smoke alert. Learning all these devices without heistation, but learning was done next to the device and only thereafter the device was plugged in somewhere else.

There is difficulty in connecting with non-Sonoff devices, I noticed too.

Same issue here, can't get 433 remotes to work.

I tried three remotes -- Sonoff didn't learn any of them :(   Disappointing!

Same problem. The device is not learning my remote controls. 
I tried 4 different remotes. Same problem.

 I have the same problem.  I have tried 7 diferents remotes controls

This sounded like such an amazing device but your posts make it seem like a failure. I was hoping to use it to control my fireplace via Alexa, but I doubt it will recognise the commands. I might still buy it via Amazon Prime, as I know I will be able to return it if not. The trouble is, how are we meant to know what kind of coding our devices use? I can't even find the frequency that my fireplace remote uses, nevermind the coding.
And who knows a plan B please ?


I eventually got the £2 rf remote from China. I got impatient and bought a £5 from amazon before. They're nearly identical. Neither can learn the buttons to control my fireplace :( I guess it's not just the rf bridge at fault. It's a Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA if anyone finds a solution.

Since the bridge is rather cheap (a comparable device in the Netherlands from 'Klikaan Klikuit' costs 10-fold) I also tried to learn the codes. No problems in adding the device in the app, but a Silvercrest 433 MHz 4 button on/off system wouldn't learn and neither did a 2-gang 'Klikaan Klikuit'. 

Problem is that the vendors of these home systems also give very scarce info about devices, it's not just Sonoff...

I will probably use the bridge with 1 or 2 other Sonoff items such as the door switch and the PIR sensor, or I'll leave it on the shelf....

Alguém ai já conseguiu parear algum controle remoto 433 com Sonoff RF Bridge? já tentei 4 modelos e nada! Como saber se o meu veio com defeito?

 I've tried the same, and bought this item:

It works without any problem, the Sonoff Bridge learns the 433MHz keycode in less than a second....So, probably we have to use more stuff from Ali, and not stuff available at home..

You mean that Sonoff Bridge can control these switches?


Same problem here.  I have tried 5 diferents remotes controls

O meu Sonoff Bridge está do mesmo jeito que chegou e pelo visto vai pro lixo! Testei diversos controles 433mhz e nenhum funciona. O pior é que o suporte do equipamento nem se pronúncia com alguma ajuda. O aparelho NÃO FUNCIONA!
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