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Sonoff touch as Triger

Hello everybody,


I bought a new Sonoff Touch.

I like the device very much, good work.


Unfortunately I miss a function.

Why can I not use the switch as a triggers to start a scene?

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I thik it is good idea  2 fast presses could, for example, trigger scenes :)

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Has anyone had feedback on this request? Seems like an obvious use of the device and they even advertise the function on the website.

"Scene–Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap"

I've put a hole in my wall and wired it all in under the impression this was possible, only to discover it's not.

Having looked into this in more detail, it appears to be a limitation of the Andriod App rather than the device. I have been able to add the Sonoff Touch using the Apple app on an ipad. I can then add and remove items from the scene (but not add the master device).

The android app has been updated and now supports the touch as a trigger for a scene.

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