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Feather Development Request of 433base Sonoff RF/Sonoff 4CH Pro? : ITEAD Studio

Hi, just got one Sonoff 4CH Pro. I ordered this as it is a 433 compatible product with powerful wifi-controllable function. With compatible with Google Home and Alexa I can see the potential of widely-use of Sonoff Product.

This time I have some ideas on 433M RF controlling of Sonoff products. Nice to see Sonoff have 433M controllable product as it is still one of the main controlling method (by RF switch panel) at present. However seems there is no good 433M RF remote control in market. Traditional tiny remote suitable to bring to outside but it is not suitable to use it in Home. Touch-control wall switch is too easy to false touch (esp when you need to wipe it with cloth) and need your sight on the targeted button when you press it, but I have ideas to improve it. Micro-switched wall switch is my currently first choice but most of them is comes with a bad outlook. Anyone can recommend a good RF wall switch? Or is Itead have idea on designing their own RF wall switch / cooperate with other company to product a good RF wall switch, even investigate a will wall switch so it can directly control all

Sonoff product (but I think battery and size of circuit broad should be a problem)?
Instead of RF wall switch choosing, I suggest Itead should release more functions with 433 control, e.g. all on / all off / on only / off only, so we can do different scenes by pressing a button on RF switch. I think RF signal learning and scene activation can be done at eWeLink app, just need Itead to release their feature.

Sonoff is a really nice product. Please consider this develop to make the product more powerfully. Thanks for your attention :-)

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Just found that seems each channel only able to pair one remote. When pair the second remote the memory with previous remote pairing would be clear. In this way we cannot control one channel with several remotes....

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