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Sonoff 433 RF Bridge won't pair

Dear support,

I've just bought the new SONOF Bridge, but not able to pair the device. There is timeout issue. I've checked FAQ and also forum with pairing issues - none helped to me.

I tried two separate mobiles, reinstall ewelink app, etc. I'm able to set device to pairing mode (blue led blink three times), but the app is not able to find the device. This is my 8th device and the first problem with pairing.

There is no ITEAD... wifi in the mobile wifi list.

Can you help me with this please?


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useless product. Doesn't learn codes. Not sure what to do with it

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I'm in the same situation, RF jumper synchronized and I can not match 433.92 RF knobs. App + add device, beep and red light waiting, pulse RF command and exceeds the minute and there is no learning. Tested with two knobs and nothing.


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I have the same problem.

Eu tenho o mesmo problema.

This does not learn my control 433MHz.

Não reconhece meu controle de 433MHz.

My control is Learning Code Protocol.

Meu controle usa o protocolo Learning Code.

Try any times.

Tentei várias vezes.

Anyone get this work with Learning Code protocol?

Alguém conseguiu fazer funcionar com o protocolo Learning Code?


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Hi, my rfbridge does not record any 433.92 MhZ remote control I have tried various brands all strictly norolling code. Please help me

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- Conectar la alimentación.

- Pulse durante 8 segundos, el botón de emparejamiento. La luz parpadea tres veces y se apaga.

- Presione otros 8 segundos, el botón para pausar. La luz parpadea continuamente.

- Emparejar con ewelink.

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Hi I have a smartwares 433mhz remote and having problems pairing with the sonoff bridge. When put in learning mode it just times out seems the bridge cannot learn the code

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Same problem,  I can't add device. When i presss the button to learn the command, the bridge beep  and red light blinks, i pulse the RF command and exceeds the minute and no learning. I've bought 2 bridges, i've  update the firmware and still not working ..... USELESS PRODUCT ... i've another not from ITEAD and works perfect

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I bought the device via Itead site. But the Bridge does not start to learn any code from any remote via eWeLink. Then I have opened the device and switch on the switcher to the "ON" mode on the board, the Bridge starts to learn a code. I know several users which received the device with the turned off the switcher inside the Bridge by default. Why need this switcher?
Sorry for my English.

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RF bridge not pairing I got pairing problem. RF bridge is on learning mode with red led blinking, then I am pressing button 1 on my remote control and nothing happen. After a minute I got message saying: "request timeout". All set-up has been done correctly with my router, communication is OK between phone and RF Bridge. I tested all possibilities by pressing remote button for long time, several times long time... but it is still not pairing. I am using other Sonoff devices and I am used to set those. But RF bridge can not pair with my remote control. This is a 4 buttons NICE FLO 4 with fixed code. Reference of the chip inside the remote control is XM19AF COPC 912 DRA NICE 001B. This will perhaps help you to confirm me if protocol is compatible with your RF bridge.  I also tested with other remote controls with fixed code but still not pairing. I am frustrated as this small RF bridge was very promising. Hope you will be able to help me.

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Good Day. 

I'm not able to get the RF bridge to lean any other remotes than the sonoff 4 button remote. 

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Thank you for your reply.

When I long press "Button 1" the APP screen immediately says "RF Gateway is in learning mode, please press the RF Remote button or let the alarm go off in 1 min". The problem is that they LED on the gateway never turns red and it doesn't beep letting me know that it is actually in learning mode.

I can see the gateway in my router, so it *is* on the wireless network. It seems that the APP cannot contact the gateway. No permissions on the APP are blocked and no ports are blocked on the router. I have reset the gateway, router and APP.

I don't mind the limitations of the bridge as long as it would perform its basic function with 4 buttons only.

Thanks again.

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As many others, I also had issues pairing....I have bought 4 Sonoff Sensor DW1
First 3 pairing went fine, but 4th sensor DID NOT GO although I did exactly the same as with the others.
Think I tried 30 times (times 1 minute :-( )

THEN, I really closed the app - restarted the app and the pairing was instant :-)
If you do not know how to close the app, perhaps otherwise restart phone.

Hope this helps some of you out there (please let me know ;-) )

Keep trying people! I have the same issue with my rf bridge... my pir sensor pairs first time every time but my door switches usually take several open/close cycles before the bridge learns the code. The rf bridge bleeps each time the door is opened but it doesn't alway learn the code... just keep trying, it will eventually work! Also, if the Itead network doesn't appear when you press and hold the button for a few seconds try pressing/holding it a second time... some sonoff devices need two long presses to enter pairing mode whilst some only work with one long press. I discovered this the hard way having spent countless hours trying different things including new routers/network gear! Hope this helps.

Can anyone provide updates on this issue. Also, have Sonoff RF433 Bridge with no success in reading any of my RF remotes.  

Is there any Firmware updates to resolve this common issue.


The Sonoff bridge will not go into the learning mode. I have tried everything imaginable including giving the app permissions to EVERYTHING, but the red light does not come on and it does not beep. I spent $20 to have you ship a $10 device to me. You could at least respond with some sort of an answer that actually applies to the questions that people have. Repeat: It will not go into the learning mode. If you do not respond, I will have my credit card reverse the charge. It's that simple.

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