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Exterior sensor light (day/night) wifi to control scene

 Exterior sensor light (day/night) wifi to control scene instead of controlling by timer. As the light seasons change i have to change the time of each timer individual, so if you manufacture a exterior sensor light I can create scene lights and the alone will adjus according to the sun light.


Agustin from Argentina

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I´m looking for this feature. I´m thinking to use a standard light sensor to manage a relay connected to the probe input with apropiate resistor to trigger a scnene that turn on/off exterior lights at home. This might works but obviously it will be better if sonoff sells an specific hardware to do this.


A great feature might be a "scene trigger" hardware as small as possible to install inside standard home light switches and trigger programmed scenes with one single touch.



Agustín from Argentina too!!

Excactly the same thing I want to do. Have you allready got a solution?
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