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Countdown on each on

Hello everyone,

I have device that need to run for 4hours from the moment it has been turned on. Can it be done with Sonoff basic and EWeLink?

Loop timer runs in background and when i turn on device i am entering the loop not from beginning.

Countdown timer has to be enabled each time manually. Any idea?

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This would also be very helpful for controlling roller blinds. To automatic turn off the switch after about 20 seconds. Such a feature should be implemented to cover Hour, Minutes and Seconds triggered automatically when the switch is turned on.

 This is how to do this.

set loop timer restart cycle 4h OFF

Unselect After

Then complete

Tor's comments above are correct. This function works great for me.

I can confirm that both the new inching function in firmware 2.6 as well as the loop timer as detailed by martin in a different thread BOTH work as a countdown timer based on when my device is switched to on.

Inching has a max time of 1 hour, the loop timer can go for longer. Both work great on my sonoff basic switches. I use it currently in several locations to turn off the piano after an hour, turn off a humidifier after 45 minutes, turn off a table fan after 2 hours.

I love it!

I'm sorry doesn't explain for us all the important information. Its too vague to be of any use.

I think all the terminology each user is posting, the lack of screen shots of both IOS and android apps, the lack of users adding what firmware they are on, plus the updates to the various firmware means this forum is completely lost.  "When I turn on the device" and "switch off the fan" is useless to anyone. Im sure users who require different functionality end up on the same forum post, all conflicting each other as well. We need one intelligent user to think through how its best to post the question, eliminating the above confusions. You would need to create a video, or a flow chart with the complexities of each user or automated interaction, all seperated. I've built a couple for robot automation systems, but it takes time, plus you'll need a footnote explaining what the terminology means.


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