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Drive Roller Shutter

I would like to use SonOff products to drive Roller shutters. I saw that the product "Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch Model: IM160601001" was retired.


How can I do?


The ideal solution would be to have the SonOff Touch product version with two buttons, one to raise the shutter and one to lower it.

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The problem is that the product "Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch Model: IM160601001" was retired.

Have you found a source for this product or another one that's similar?


Tue solution could be to use Sonoff 4ch pro whith interlock mode

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I have the same desire as Leonardo. What kind of device is depicted in the picture? This is exactly what I need

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It would be great using the SonOff T1 2gang ( 1 up- 2 down) with 1s switch delay time between relays for security

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What device is this? Is this your idea or this device already exists? I also wrote to them and explained how to implement something similar, convenient for controlling rolls. But who hears us here? They make sockets. Many different sockets and boxes for old products  They are not interested in anything else.

I for myself have so far found an outlet with such a relay Not very convenient, but better than nothing or put a 4-channel 

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so cute tanx


ehsan shahsavan

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I own 1 Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch and it works perfectly for my roller shutter. I need many more, but unfortunately the product is obselete. As I understand there is no perfect substitute for this Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch?

наталья погребняк  Hi, it's only an idea for a Itead studio. how to create intellectal houses such as gutting gates and the like. :) but iteadstudio do not hear . but for door you can use or 4ch pro

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Thank you very much, but unfortunately I can't read this. Is this; Sonoff 4CH & Sonoff 4CH R2 or this; Sonoff 4CH Pro & Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 the same?

This works not in a similar way like the device I already have I think. I need 1 button on my smartphone and 1 manually operated button. 

It will be too expensive as well. I would need one for each roller shutter. 

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I have asked Itead if it would be possible for them to change the firmware for the T1 EU 2ch with interlock mode, but unfortunately no response.


thank you very much طراحی سایت