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Relay solution 1-2 seconds "on"


My name is Daniel Neacsu I live in Germany and I have a question:

I have a shutter lift system for windows, and I'd like to control it wireless.

The problem is that I need two wifi relays, but to act for only 1-2 seconds, if it acts more, the lifting system enters the programming mode.

These relays would like to be able to control them from the internet (or if possible with Amazon Dot -Alexa)

Please tell me if you have a solution for me ?

Thank you very much !


Daniel Neacsu

You can use the 4ch pro module, that will do the trick

I've been thinking about this, but what do I do with 1s timing?

I remend this device:

 It have second operation function.

El CH4 PRO es el más adecuado para esta operación.

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