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Your own applications !

So we've decided to bring a number of these units into the country and reseller. We're in the process of creating a web site and was wondering if you guys have any neat or clever applications (with little no mods) that you may have done with the Sonoff units?

I want to pitch a solution rather than a product - like fans that go on automatically with the Sonoff TH ; or outside/entertainment lights/water feature pumps, irrigation systems etc Maybe something with humidity and greenhouses / reptile sanctuaries? 

I've seen people control garage motors - but I think that takes a fair amount of modding ?


What country, and developer compensation is?


South Africa.

We're not looking for anything developed, but rather a use that may not be the norm or we haven't though about the someone else is perhaps doing. We actually don't want it to be modded / hacked in anyway.

But, for example, the Sonoff TH in a datacentre mainly for the remote monitoring of the temperature. I haven't got my own kit yet - but if it can be set to notify at a certain temperature, then it's a fantastic little solution. 

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Am facing same problem as well. Sonoff doesn't seem able to control temperature unlike another cheaper solution using Broadlink IR & RF scan & broadcast. Unfortunately, both brands have their strength but not able to worktogether unless to flash to Sonoff-Tasmoto. Spent great deal of hours looking for solutions but to no avail. We're looking for solutions, not to spend time modding boards and tinkering with line codes.

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