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Add dusk to dawn schedule settings

TP-Link's Kasa equivalent of the S20 plug-in switch has sunset and sunrise time events, which follow the local dusk and dawn times.

This is very useful for lighting (internal and external) - can we get this added to E-WeLink?

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Good devices that I have not found real competition to. But as for app it is 2008. Who owns sonoff? Someone with development skills could buy them and create a multi million dollar company. Sunset sunrise with offset ability based on your time zone is not rocket science. Keep up or be left behind. Phillips or Samsung need another division?

Okay I see what you mean.  In my application I am more interested in the solar time than the clock on the wall so it works great for me but I can see where it presents an issue for others.  They should make an option to set it either way.

Because if you set a schedule to switch on lights at 6.00am then they are changed to switch on at 7.00am. Every other automation app I know would handle local time by region and cope with DST clock changes as normal. eg Alexa, Google, Hive, IFTTT etc. As you say, probably stuck on UTC.

My scheduled times on the app changed by an hour when daylight savings went into effect.  What am I missing?  It worked as expected for me.  I figure in the background they are using UTC time.

That is shocking. If they don't think it important to support clocks changing for daylight saving times it shows how much they not interested in developing app. Really bad people.

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 Interesting that hobbyist amateurs are able to come up with solutions but Coolkit doesn't. I just found out to my astonishment that ewelink does not even support Daylight Savings Time and our scheduled timers all have to be manually changed now the clocks have gone forward to Summertime. When I raised this with support they replied as follows: "Yeah,the Winter timer does the same as well".

They don't even care.

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Not wanting to wait for itead to implement this very usefull sunrise/sunset-function, I've flashed my 4 Sonoff's with ESP Easy firmware. Then I bought a second hand Raspberry Pi. Put (after OS Raspbian)  Domoticz software on the rpi. Installed the Domoticz app on my Android phona. Added a 4-relay-board to the rpi. And now I can switch 8 different devices (mostly lights). All including sunrise and/or sunset times (including an offset).

 It would be a very useful function ... wait for this too.

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I hear you Mark.  I am still pretty new to all of this and having fun experimenting with it.  The script uses php's sun_info function and can do the twilight functions which I used.  Only been running it a week but so far it has been reliable.  I will take a look at Stringify!

 Thanks, EW. My current lighting uses Energenie MiHome with IFTTT/WU to trigger at sunrise/sunset, but would prefer it with offsets, which IFTTT doesn't have (unlike Stringify which has a wealth of options including Civil Twilight). The nice thing about moving to Sonoff is the reliability and snappy response time; and native triggers are always preferable to 3rd party ones.

Trouble with IFTTT, apart from it being laggy and unreliable, is you feel your IQ drop whenever you use it. It's the Fischer Price Activity Centre of IOT.

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@Mark I 

Check out my last post here under the topic "Dusk and Down control".  Using IFTTT you can now switch the sonoffs at dusk and dawn.  If you can use my script with webhooks you can also adjust the time.  If not you can still use Weather Underground's sunrise and sunset settings as a trigger event.

 I'm holding off switching over several lights to Sonoff switches/sockets until this is implemented. But what is also needed is the ability to set sunset/sunrise offsets, eg trigger 20 minutes before sunset. 

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for any outlet and/or switch (both which run lights for me)... in addition to strict time schedules for on/off, i'd find it very useful to also turn on/off:

1) sunrise/sunset (as mentioned)

2) x min before/after a given time-- eg. bathroom fan turned off 30min after turned on (either by scheduled time, or by manual activation at the switch), turn off driveway lights 15min after turned on manually.

3) combo of 1 & 2... x min before/after sunrise/sunset. eg. turn on driveway lights 10min before sunset, turn off lights 5 min after sunrise. Or . Turn on outdoor lights @sunset, and turn off 2hours later (after sunset / sunset + 2hrs), turn back on 2 hours before sunrise and turn off at sunrise.

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This is what I'm missing!

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This would be great :-)

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