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Add dusk to dawn schedule settings

TP-Link's Kasa equivalent of the S20 plug-in switch has sunset and sunrise time events, which follow the local dusk and dawn times.

This is very useful for lighting (internal and external) - can we get this added to E-WeLink?

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Because if you set a schedule to switch on lights at 6.00am then they are changed to switch on at 7.00am. Every other automation app I know would handle local time by region and cope with DST clock changes as normal. eg Alexa, Google, Hive, IFTTT etc. As you say, probably stuck on UTC.

Okay I see what you mean.  In my application I am more interested in the solar time than the clock on the wall so it works great for me but I can see where it presents an issue for others.  They should make an option to set it either way.

Good devices that I have not found real competition to. But as for app it is 2008. Who owns sonoff? Someone with development skills could buy them and create a multi million dollar company. Sunset sunrise with offset ability based on your time zone is not rocket science. Keep up or be left behind. Phillips or Samsung need another division?
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