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Problems with changing baud rate

 I am trying to change the baud rate on my 4.3" display. However, regardless of what I try it remains at 9600. I have sent baud=4 and bauds=4 plus the requisite 0xFF's.

I know my MCU is operating at the correct rate as I have measured that but the display remains at 9600. Any suggestions?

a baudrate of 4 bits per sec. is just not supported ... 

 I misread the instruction set. I assumed that for a baudrate of 19200 you sent "4". I will try again with the correct settings.

that's why we explicitely write 4. baud=19200 ... to explain the baud command ...  :-)

I just spent a little more then an hour or so doing exactly what Rob was doing. It's quite possible to interpret "4. baud=19200" as when you specify 4, baud will be equal to 19200", it's ambiguous. 

Just don't number the options, use an unordered list or something. It's quite confusing as it is.

I am not sure, how you can interpret a statement like

    4. baud=19200


    4. baud=4

and even tinker around "an hour" to find out that baud=19200 <> baud=4 where baud=4 was nowhere stated ...

baud=19200 is a clear stated and well formed command assignment ... even a leading "4." won't change this ...

thats neither ambiguouse nor misleading ... you only didn't read well ... that's also the reason why this thread was opened in "Smart Home" forum, and not in the Nextion "FreeChat" ...