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Sonoff dual touch

Hi, is there any plan to develop a dual Sonoff with touch? 10x

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And make sure it is usable for halogen, led and normal light bulbs please.

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Will there be an EU version of the sonoff T1?


What do you mean by EU version? The existing one has voltage range 90-250 V. EU uses 220-230 V. So you can use it.

UK wall boxes are mechanically different from common EU wall mount boxes. The UK has square boxes while most mainland countries use round ones. So I suspect edthat the reason for mentioning explicitly 'UK type' on the website has something to do with that.

You are right, the shape is different.

If you need to know how it looks and its size I can make some pictures, or measure it. I have one at home, which is not installed yet.

I'm also very interested in an EU version of the dual and triple T1 UK panels.

As stated before by mrpraline, EU wall mounts are mostly round and cannot easily be changed or adapted to accepted the square UK T1 panels. 

Dual panels are very common across Europe and since the whole home-automation thing is starting to really take off thanks to Amazon Echo and similar devices, i'm sure there is a growing market out there.

Looking forward to a response from ITEAD.

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