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Sonoff touch eu wall not working

Hello, I've successfully installed the device, it does everything except turning on and off the lights neither with the physical button or the WiFi via the app. I can ear the sound of the click when I try it both physically and via the app, but the light doesn't turn on. I red the FAQS and it said that if this happens to weld the q1 relay. But I don't know where that is. I've got two of these and none of them works. Help please

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KISHI... Hiiiii! Thank you soooo much for your information! That is awesome... I didn't know. Can we chat more about this issue? Have email? Skype? WhatsApp? Telegram? That I can contact you please? I am a bit desperate here... This things are very expensive in Brazil at the moment... With the economy going bad... Well... It has always been... So i can't afford buying new ones...

Hi Yara! I tried to ping you on your youtube videos, but you have disabled the comments.  You'll need to purcahse few tools. Dont worry they should be easily available locally.
I've taken a video while I was working. I'll see if I can upload it.

Try this page with complete tutorial.

I have the exact same problem,  
I bought 18 units and I have at least 6 units
gone bad.

I am so upset because my apartment is ,likes your Yara Bradão , everything brand new installed.

Now I cant turn the lights on.

I will try what Kishi suggest.

Hi Kishi! Thank you very much for your answer. Yes I usually disable the comments on YouTube. I actually just removed the videos... Soooo frustrating this issue. But I will repost them, i think I saved them on my hard drive. And thank you very much for the tutorial link. I will definitely look into it. Here is my isntagram, can you add me? yara_brandao (it is also my wechat ID). Hi Henrique! Yes... Pretty upsetting this situation! And Sonoff doesn't even acknowledge the problem! I had a really hard time getting the representative to believe me. Finally one did and got me some replacements. But i am seriously thinking in taking them all off and placing regular switches with the SonOff Mini in the back. At least this one I haven't heard any issues. But... I do know they are fairly new in that market... So... If problems occur it will show up in the near future! But I don't see any other options for now... Other then SonOff products... Well... ZEMISMART has some button switches with wifi built-in. More expensive... They are ugly looking, but its an option. The problem with the SonOff mini is that you can only install 1 mini for 1 light in a 3 Way gang. So out of 3 lights you will only have 1 smart. Unless you install them all in the lights, inside de roof. This ideia to me sucks... Because here i have plaster ceilings (gesso) and all my lights are inside (embutida), so in case something happens to the Sonoff Mini connection and I have to reset them, I would have to be climbing that ladder and removing the lights... Breaking a bit of the plaster around the lights that seal them. I hope you understood my explanations...
I wonder... Do these have a SELF DESTRUCTION life time or something? Seems like most people are having issues after a while of them being installed...
Connected my tx eu to the wall and it lights up and works. But the light doesn't work. Doesn't turn in or off

I had to  flashed TASMOTA to make them work again

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