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Sater/moisture/flood sensor

I would like to see a sonoff based water sensor. I have used a sonoff with a water sensor added but that is untidy.

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What water sensor did you use? How did you attach it?  If you can respond, please provide directions as if you were talking to an utter noob.  Which I am.  I think I've soldered stuff 5 times in my life.

High Voltages/Currents should not be handle by noobs.

When you don't know, you should have a professional do for you.

Such can cause injury to body, damage to home, and possible death.

Um, right. Guess I'm not a total noob since I've done other wiring work.  Still, even the professional you recommended would like to know what sensor you used.  But, thanks anyway.

I support this idea also, should be easy for them and the wired water detection sensor is very simple.May be more complicated with a wireless type. 

Also would be curious to know what water sensor you managed to use with the Sonoff TH ?

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