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The Searcher


You had made a Menu searcher for me at Stump the Chump.  I really appreciate it.  Works Great. 

My issue is I would like to keep my first page a title screen and the page is the button to access the the rest of my program in my Nextion. 

My keyboard is on page 4 and i have t1 for the text field and b26 for enter button on my QWERTY.  

I tried copy paste code for press event to b26 and include the variables that go along with The Searcher. When i push  Enter, it just goes to page 3 all the time, which is my settings page for dims. 

Thank you. 

The Stump the Chump Challenge was closed March 2017.

You made a challenge, it was accepted, and successfully solved.

You received a copy of the solved challenge code by email "For Your Eyes Only".

This code was provided for free

I freely gave you and you alone my hard work for free - on that HMI design

You were instructed to

   Examine the code within and

   make a copy of and keep the original in its original format (case mistakes are made)

Therein ended the Stump the Chump Challenge, and any obligations to that HMI.

I have no obligation to provide future support of that HMI or

   now modify it for your alternate purpose, for free or of any kind of servitude.

My time I spend on the forum to answer questions was of my own free will.

This was my personal time, volunteered of my own choosing.  My doing.

You become too demanding of my time, "answer me now", Sorry. I will not.

In your arrogance and false sense of entitlement

You pursued trying to terminate my volunteered time?  and legal threats?

I will now choose of my own free will to not volunteer my time to you.

Other forum users are free to assist you as they choose, if they choose.

... Happy coding ... =)

As this thread is not a Sonoff issue,

 - I have to assume the Sonoff Support will remove from Smart Homes forums

Nextion / Free Chat is the forum for Nextion related issues.

yeah, posting in the right forum would be the minimum requirement to get an answer ...

even a lawyer needs to be adressed well ...

ouch ...

Just sucks to be insulted when i am trying to learn.

I do appreciate your time and I do thank you.

thats why you like to threaten with lawsuit? I guess that's not the right way to get any answers ...

    - post in the wrong forum
    - threaten with lawsuit because no answer after 3 days in a public forum

sorry, I don't have ANY understanding for such manners, especially not for a beginner ...