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Questions about Sonoff

I am thinking on buying Sonoff to test but i would like to make two questions before, if anyone could help me it would be great.

After configured does it needs the android device to work with the timer function?

In case of power lost Sonoff restores time zone, current time and timer function or do we need to use the android device?


Mine works when I'm away from home so I guess it works without my android device if that's what you mean. If power fails it just reconnects to your wifi. So I guess it gets time etc from there.

Hi all.

one of my friends is Head Electrician. 

He very interested in using the sonoff technology in the Home automation.

He ask two things:

1. Is it possible to fit sonoff into the box of the standart cicuit breaker/timer for din rail mount?


2. Compliance to standarts for flammability and electric safety? 

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