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Sonoff 4CH Pro or NO pro (suggestions ?)

I have ordered Sonoff 4CH.

I wanted to use what ITEAD describes as interlock mode

I have realized that the info I was reading is Sonoff 4CH Pro and what is available to order (and what i have ordered is Sonoff 4CH) Girrrrr.. feel cheated....and stupid missing a simple point.

do you have a timeline when "Sonoff 4CH Pro" will be available?

Here is what I wanted to do.

I have ceiling fans that is regulated with a multi capacitor and a selector. (capacitor is far more efficient then Semiconductor based phase cutting or shaping. and it has no noise problems)

I was planning to connect this to the capacitor and use interlock mode. (only one circuit can be on at any time.)

Now i am stuck. Any one has suggestions?

here is my fan controller 





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