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sonoff does not powering up

hey, I need some help.

the device worked for about a week .

the its shut off and not powering up any more. my sonoff device not powering up . in program mode using FDTI usb connection i can make a connection to the Arduino IDE and even to the EWeLink app, and the relay works Ok when i press on/off. only when i connecting the High Volt input there is no responsed. any suggestion how can i find the problem. thanks in advance.


original firmware still installed. didn't change anything.

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I had the very same problem. Seems like it is *not* a hardware problem. I reflashed the ESP8266 with the Tasmota firmware and everything is working now. Far better functionality too...

@Tim Bellen, sorry I don't want to recommend exactly because don't want to advertise.

@Nikiu I think about you can substitute the original (failed) power supply with a phone charger. Easier put a microusb port to box than unsoldering the ESP chip (for cool ideas). Just give 5V to zener diode, and everythings will work. If you can use external power supply you can switch AC 230V with Sonoff.

hun_wrobi, I’d say a cool use would be a small led lamp, powered by a phone charger. Or practically, as you said, any device powered by a phone charger, a Raspberry Pi for example.

which device do you recomend ? @hun_wrobi

I have now 6 of 8 sonoff basics that are dead

Nikiu, you can use it with an external power supply, like a regular usb phone charger. But it's not a cool idea if you want to use it for the original purpose. I swear I will look for the cause of the error, but I will not help the manufacturer with the information. They don't give modified schematics, and they don't even help to fix.
I recommend another manufacturer's device because it is not worth taking Itead products due to serial failures.

Is there any use for them now? I mean, with faulty power supply, where could we use the wifi chip? Any cool ideas?
I bought 8 sonoff basics and already 4 are dead. What a crappy product. They all work when powered to the 3.3 vcc. So the internat 230 vac powersupply is really bad. All of them died within 3 weeks. I do hope a solution comes up.

Same problem here. I bought 2 Sonoff Basic. Fortunately tested on my desk and after 1 week one of them died. When supplied with 3.3 VDC it works, so power supply fail.
I have that version which has got 1511-36 power management ic. At pin 4 (vcc) measured 80VDC. Normally it should be 8-10 VDC. I checked R16 and R17 resistors: 1MR instead 1.5MR.

Great work.  They can't even design (or make) a stable power supply in China.


@Yondy How do you direct inject? What pins exactly?

Same issue here.

Is there any solution?

That a shame! So many problems for a new device!

Has anyone else been able to fix it? My Sonoff S20 died after 1 week. Everything (wifi, relay) works but there is no power coming out. 

my sonoff is back to work normally after i injected 5 volt and 3.3 volt

I tried to direct inject / source 5vdc to pin 3 and gnd of U3, the result my sonoff basic is on and working. I assumed the power supply part is must be damaged bu im not sure of which part or component is broken. how to check? 

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its a diode

@Chaun Bosyen from the circuit diagram you shared, and you mentioned "unless D3 is busted" what component is "D3"?

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