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sonoff does not powering up

hey, I need some help.

the device worked for about a week .

the its shut off and not powering up any more. my sonoff device not powering up . in program mode using FDTI usb connection i can make a connection to the Arduino IDE and even to the EWeLink app, and the relay works Ok when i press on/off. only when i connecting the High Volt input there is no responsed. any suggestion how can i find the problem. thanks in advance.


original firmware still installed. didn't change anything.

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@Yondy How do you direct inject? What pins exactly?

Same problem here. I bought 2 Sonoff Basic. Fortunately tested on my desk and after 1 week one of them died. When supplied with 3.3 VDC it works, so power supply fail.
I have that version which has got 1511-36 power management ic. At pin 4 (vcc) measured 80VDC. Normally it should be 8-10 VDC. I checked R16 and R17 resistors: 1MR instead 1.5MR.

Great work.  They can't even design (or make) a stable power supply in China.


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