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sonoff does not powering up

hey, I need some help.

the device worked for about a week .

the its shut off and not powering up any more. my sonoff device not powering up . in program mode using FDTI usb connection i can make a connection to the Arduino IDE and even to the EWeLink app, and the relay works Ok when i press on/off. only when i connecting the High Volt input there is no responsed. any suggestion how can i find the problem. thanks in advance.


original firmware still installed. didn't change anything.

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Got same issue. Anybody already a solution for it? Thanks.

I have 4 devices and 2 of them are die because of the same failure description by many users . Is anybody paying attention to this reports? Technical Support please . Using them as RF but I believe will be the same under WiFi . Green leds stop blinking after some minutes and without any intervention start blinking again in ten or twenty minutes (of course no operation possible in the meantime) .

Any comments or help will be much appreciated - Thanks in advance 

I've got some answers from technical support but is the same as nothing . 

Is not the idea that a users to disassemble the device , test different voltages , diodes and trying replacing parts as mentioned previously in other posts . If I buy a product the idea is to work properly and not be the technician of the device changing parts or something else .  

SonOff products , which used to be good , are now failing with no proper answers from technical representatives , so  in my case the solution was for the two failing devices , to buy another brand and replace them immediately (working fine until now) and for the others two SonOff devices ,  which are still working, the next steps will be to plan the replacement , because I dont like to have no reliable products in the smart Home environment . 

Very sorry for the news but perhaps this information can help to another frustrated user like me . 

Have a nice weekend and take care yourselves . 

Yes I agree it's not good enough and I have stopped buying any sonoffs as a result - if iTead aren't willing to come up with a solution for what is clearly a faulty design and/or manufacturing/component fault then they don't deserve our business. 

hi guys, after a fall my S20 doesn't work.I opened it and the yellow thingy (see photo,


power supply) is broken.How can i ask for it at my electronics supply store?I want to buy one and replace it.Please help ,i cant find any solid info online.Thanx.

Same problem with 2 POW and 1 Basic, dead with 220V but if you inject 5V the ESP8266 works perfectly. In the end my solution is: Shelly. Scrap the SOnOff for poor quality and poor service responsiveness, in my opinion, of course.

Final Answer from technical Support some days ago . I need to send to the trash all  the failed sonoff devices  , No way , despite Red blink in order to perform the pair blink twice and then you push button in the remote , there is no response from the device . Always a red blink an also consider that is not possible to connect to wifi because no green led anymore . So the trash is the solution for this devices (also the new RF 433 8 buttons controller which is is failing also) . 

Conclusion , all the device were replaced by another brand and in the meantime I'm  planning to replace the remaining SonOff devices which are still working . SonOff Devices , from my point of view , are not reliable and as a consequence of this are very difficult to design a smart home with certain trust 

Have a nice weekend and take care yourselves . 

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