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sonoff TH16 Controlling temperature at specific times

 HI I have a sonoff TH16 with temperature monitor and a sonoff basic. I was hoping to be able to use the sonoff TH16 to sense the temperature and use a scene to turn on the TH16 and the basic at a certain time 8:30 and when the temperature is less than 19, then to turn it off at 9:30 or if the temperature is greater  than 22.

is this possible I cant seem to get it set up??

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Yes you can add created scene in Ewelink to Alexa and run in Routine. It shows up as a device not a group

Dear Sonoff,

Is there any update on adding the ability to control the temperature at specific times?

This would be a HUGELY useful feature! :)

Would it also be possible to report the temperature to 1 decimal place?........or at least allow it to be configured to 1  or 2 decimal places?

The app only reports in whole degrees which doesn't provide enough granularity to set the temperature for appropriate comfort levels.

I have the si7021 sensor, for example, which is capable of reporting to 2 decimal places.



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DOES anyone at itead, ewlink or anywhere read these forums.  There are massive improvements to these devices with very little software updates!!!!!

Pls listen to what we are asking you to do!

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check out alternative firmware, i think the out of the box solution is really just a basic example of what can be achieved.  for mature systems check out tasmota this imho is best served using a locally hosted mqtt broker, but a public broker would work probably as well as the remote ewelink servers.

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