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sonoff TH16 Controlling temperature at specific times

 HI I have a sonoff TH16 with temperature monitor and a sonoff basic. I was hoping to be able to use the sonoff TH16 to sense the temperature and use a scene to turn on the TH16 and the basic at a certain time 8:30 and when the temperature is less than 19, then to turn it off at 9:30 or if the temperature is greater  than 22.

is this possible I cant seem to get it set up??

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I have been experimenting with a TH16 and TH10 temperature monitors-one for Heating and one for Water-I can setup scenes for both to control the maximum and minimum temperatures but find I can't set  times on any of the devices to limit when the temperature controls should apply. The logic appears to be If one OR other condition applies then it is ON rather that if one AND the other applies .If anyone has found a way round this then please let me know and that would help Tony too.  

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OK I have received an email saying I can't do what I want

Same problem here. I think it is a software capability.

It would be nice to add this feature. I want to control the temperature during night.

It would be even a better thing to control the hot water boiler with this feature

Not ideal, but how about using multiple devices,  use 1 x device to switch the 2nd on depending on the schedule and the 2nd device can control the power dependent on the temperature.  

alternativly there is the option to upgrade the supplied f/w with your own or something like tasmota.

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I've opted for the two device solution, its just a bit cumbersome

I decided to use the existing boiler timer to control the times when the SONOFF Hot Water  and Heating Switches work So there is a sensor for Hot Water on the tank and a sensor for the house temperature in my hall. The picture shows all the connections near the boiler. The Boiler simply needs an on off switch to work so if either of the switches on the board linked back to the Sensors by a scene for max and min temperatures AND the timer says switch on via the relays then the boiler fires up.

There is one extra power link from the relays to control the heating valve.

The sensors seem to work consistently even though they are quite a long way from my internet hub. If it proves reliable then I will eventually change the boiler timer for two more SONOFF switches.

.     .

(5.26 MB)

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I have just tested out powering a 2nd sonoff from the dc gnd and vcc pin outs by soldering headers to to the row of 4 x solder pin holes at the top of the TH boards and connecting vcc to vcc and gnd to gnd, Then when powering up one device with mains power Both power up and join the network.

The relay etc of the device directly powered all function as required. 

The 3.3v supply powers a  sonoff soc and allows it to read and provide temperature and humidity readings

the 3.3v isnt sufficient to switch the relay state tho both app and device (led) register the incorrect change of state creating a conflict 

I ran the 2 devices for over an hour with no apparent loss of signal or increase in heat from any on board components?  however before plowing ahead it may be worth checking the spec of the 3.3v supply to ensure its got the capacity to supply 2x esp socs?

So the plan is to use 2 x th16 devices the first attached to the mains and switching mains power on and off to the 2nd th16 into which a temp/humidity probe will be attached.  

the 2nd sonoff will also derive power for its soc from a 3.3v dc supply either from device #1 or from the 5v (stepped down) psu intended for the £20 mobile phone used to display the status of the temp and humidity monitoring sonoff 24/7and act as an on the wall thermostat.  .


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In my country really many houses have cheap electrical radiators with simple thermostats that crudely switches the radiator on/off according to the nearby temperature. No possibility to do lowering of temperature during nights, holidays, workdays and so on.

I was hoping Sonoff TH16 would solve this, but alas this function has not been implemented (yet). I hope very much it is 

1. Possible and 

2. That it will be implemented soon. 

If so, I will buy 1 for each radiator in my house, and will recommend this to all my friends with dumb radiators :)

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 I using Sonoff TH16 and AM 2301 to drive the fan for heating my house. The problem is the cable sensor is too short. The sensor should be in the living room or in the kitchen. What is going on if I extend the cable for about 10 or 15 feet. That mean I have to cut off the main cable and extend all. It is like a thermocouple the resistance will be affected.  

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Time entry added to the scene is definitely something we are missing in Sonoff deivices (Ewelink)

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Unfortunately the combination of switching at defined times to the set temperatures is still not implemented in EWeLink. 

Another very annoying issue is that as soon as you switch from AUTO back to MANUAL it loses its temperature settings, so when switching back to AUTO you have to entry the "Higher than" and "Lower than" temperature points again to activate it.

Pity that this powerful hardware is compromised by the clumsy App.

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Filip I have successfully extend it to 10 meters with a Cat5e cable. The sensor uses 3 cables , and you need to connect all of them

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Could you create a scene, then use a routine in Alexa or home?
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