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App with push button

I would like to have the app also with a push button:

I push the button: sonnof closes, I release the button: sonnof opens again.

So the switch is only closed as long as I have the finger on the display.

This way I can open my garage door and front door.

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I want tô know as well

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2 is far too less to even think about ...

when there are at least 1000 voters I at least can consider to tell dev about ... :-)


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Maybe have a one touch stay open for a user predetermined time. So if your door needs it open for five seconds set it for that .then one quick touch holds it open for 5 seconds. .. or 30 secs what ever you need...... ;)

want it too

Gerry this is only a small software change, not a hardware change.


don't repost, VOTE ... we count voters, not posters ...


not the point ... even a small software change must be done, bind ressources, cost money ... 

and with the same right, many others may suggest another "small software change" ...

sorry, but it is a bit out of scope to jump into such a request without a given number of voters ...

independent how big or small such a requested change may be ...

and not to forget, not everything which may look small and easy is also small and easy ...

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