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Loop timer not behaving as expected

last night I setup a loop timer and it's not working quite right.  I have the switch ON last night

it seemed to ignore the 22:00 "start" and skip right to 5:00 where it turned off, then on, then off, all in 1 minute.

did I do something wrong?

figured it out, it's very unintuitive labeling.

the top section is the repeat interval, and the delay section is how long to do it for.

for instance, if you want it on for 2 hours then off for 1 hour, you'd put 3 hours in the top with Closed, then 2 hours in the Delay with Open.  

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Thanks Chris! I agree very unintuitive! Finally figured out how to use it after your comment.

Thx, Chris helped me figure out on how to set this. The UI is bad. The main screen should have feed back on the LOOP TIMER settings. Anything to show it's going to fire. And the LOOP command is hidden. Have a LOOP icon on the main screen with the Schedule / Timer icons.

30 at restart cycle OFF

check on 25 change status ON

Gets 5 on in a 30 min cycle.

Have they changed this now? I was confused, read your post but mine doesn't have a "delay section" I've got "restart cycle" and below that "after" and below that a box to select a date.

Can't able to use loop timer. I installed bridge successfully. After that successfully pir sensor recognized. Then create scene. After that when try to click loop timer then it says no RF remote available. I can't understand. Please help.

you should make a new topic.  the loop timer is entirely different now, and you seem to be having a different issue anyway

I tested this feature here. Let's go one way to understand.

Some definition options:

Start time: When the first cycle will be begin.

Cycle: How long time duration the cycle

Start Action: State that will be put the device as soon as cycle start

Additional configuration 

You can enable after option with check in it.

After: How long after start new cycle, the action will be triggered. 

Action: Action that will be trigger  

Example 1:

Start time: 01/01/2020 07:00 AM

Cycle: 10 min

Start Action: OFF

After Checkout

In this case the cycle start in 01/01/2020 07:00 AM (Start Time), and duration of the cycle is 10 min (Cycle), it is mean that as seven on clock when was configure Start Date in that day, this device will be put automatically in turn OFF (Start Action- "Action starting when as begin cycle"). If we manually turn ON the device at 7:09 (by app or switch) after pass the one minute to the end cycle, the device automatically will put in turn OFF, because start new cycle, the exactly one minute that on left to finish the cycle, in this case this way it will stay ON for just one minute

Think this other possibility for make a clear. Suppose the device is put turn on at 07:05 (manually by switch os app), after pass the five minute to the end cycle,  the device automatically will put in turn OFF, in this case, the exactly five  minute that on left to finish the cycle, this way it will stay ON for just five minute

In both case the only certainty we have is that the device will always be turned off at the beginning of each cycle. Does't t is the action that start cycle, but so only the time that was set up to begin the cycle, start time, after this every time the device start new cycle the action is put in the device. Because this the device stay in turn ON by different minutes in the both case.

in the next example we will use checkin the option after, as follow below:  

Example 2:

Start time: 01/01/2020 07:00 AM

Cycle: 10 min

Start Action: OFF

checkin After

After: 5min

Action: ON

In the example the only difference is after spending five minutes after start a cycle the device will be turn ON automatically, because was configuration action for the after. 

Finally the loop time feature allows us to setup an action to happen at the beginning of each loop and optionally another action for some time after the loop has started and before finish it. Because this we cant setup Cycle time less than after time, it need happen between start and finish the cycle.

I am trying to set up and 8 hours ON then 8 Hours OFF ,  I can get the loop timer to turn ON and OFF when I di a test for say 2 min ON the 1:59 OFF which seem to work fine .  but when I set 

Cycle: 8 Hour

Start Action: NO

After: 7:59

Action: OFF 

it is not working ? 

I should have added I would like this to loop indefinitely until Disable the function

I am trying to set up and 8 hours ON then 8 Hours OFF to loop  indefinitely until Disable the function I tried this but it didn't work 

Cycle: 8 Hour

Start Action: ON

After: 7:59

Action: OFF 

it is not working ? 

Manor, If I am understanding what you want do, You will need configuration how follow:

Start time: mm/dd/yyyy (for exempla today) 01:00 PM

Cycle: 16 hour

Start Action: ON

check the "After" option

After: 8 hour

Action: OFF

In this case at : 

01:00 PM your sonoff turn on 

09:00 PM your sonoff turn of

05:00 AM next day you sonoff turn on

01:00 PM next day you sonoff turn off 

09:00 PM your sonoff turn on

..... until you manually disable loop

doesn't matter what you do between the cycle if your turn off or on your sonoff device. When the "start cycle" or "after time" to happen the action will be executable 

Thank you
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