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Android App Keeps Crashing In Background

Android app on android N Samsung S7 Edge keeps crashing. Can't control my three devices. Only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall. Then it works for a few hours till it crashes again. Restarting phone doesn't help and android keeps popping up with a "the app has crashed" and "this app is slowing down your device" messages. Android now says ewelink has caused 1200 errors in the last 7 days. Tried clearing storage, and force stop, even restarting, but all I get is a white screen. Have sent message via Feedback. For the moment I'm signing out after each use, then back in to use the app. Seems to be a problem in the app when it runs in background.

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Reinstalled new version every day since it was released.
Hi all. I can confirm the continued issue with Android 7.0 is being worked on. Hopefully we will have a good result in the following week or so.

Hi, I'd like to know if someone knows if there are another app that works with Sonoff set? Thanks

Best regards to all. 

The new software seams stable  Have been a couple of days now and no problems so far. Anyone else ho can confirm that It works?
Only been testing it for almost a day. This is where things normally start going wrong. So far so good. To those waiting.... They are definitely working on it. Hopefully this version will be a winner. I'm waiting 4 days before I report back to the developers.
This latest version after 3 days is stable with no errors. I have restarted the phone... Remotely controlled the devices... Set timers and set temperatures. I also pressed the button on my sonoff and the app posted a notification correctly.  Hopefully be updated on Google play soon.

eWelink App crash most of the time on HTC desire while its working perfectly with iPhone.

Firmware already updated still problems exist. Can any one please help.


i have that problem too , and im sad

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