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Temperature statistics for sonoff TH and Sonoff SC

It may be useful to implement Sonoff TH and SC temperature statistics in order to be able to see hourly graphs of the temperature, in a similar way as the sonoff POW consumption sample

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Dear itead, Do you read these threads? Data logging on a device with sensors is a CRITICAL need. Any chance you will implement this?

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I would really like to see this feature.  I will be using the SONOF TH to Monitor the temperature and Humidity of a Large Egg Incubator being able to see the temp and humidity in a graph is exactly what I need.


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This would be very helpful. Would allow me to use in research project.

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I agree logging the temperature, humidity, and air quality,light intensity and sound level sso you can make graphs of trends would be extremely useful 

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A data logger funcionality, with download capability, would be very appreciated, 

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I use the Sonoff TH to monitor the humidity in the attic with a fan that starts at high humidity. A trend chart of temp and %RH over time would be great to estabilish the normal variations.

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There is a lack of historical records of temperature and humidity in TH devices. The same applies to POW devices with a record of power consumption and voltage levels. The chart from the record has already become a standard in the products of other brand-name brands.

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Hello ITEAD Studio. 

Once again.  DO YOU READ THESE FORMS????

All of us really want this functionality either direct in the app or thourgh some external service that can poll the status of the device.

HELP US.  we really need it.

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I agree too. Seems to be logical functions to add and provide in standard mode.

I can add also, to create interactivity with other modules, depending of light level, temperature, etc.

Make sense, better than just monitor values on smartphone from SC module.

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This is what I am looking for too. Perhaps you can integrate with ubidots.

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Yes, please please adding logging and graphing !!!

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It would be sufficient if it was simply supported under IFTTT

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I bought this unit in the hope that it could do this. I'd like to track the temperature changes of my hot water by using this to switch off and on my pumps connected to my wood pellet boiler. The trend data would help me run the boiler in the most effective way!

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I also need a temperature log!

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Very useful, strange is not already there

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