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Temperature statistics for sonoff TH and Sonoff SC

It may be useful to implement Sonoff TH and SC temperature statistics in order to be able to see hourly graphs of the temperature, in a similar way as the sonoff POW consumption sample

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sry about my english.You need to run HomeAssistant on old pc or raspberry.

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As PAF said, use home-assistant. Now I have a graph of temperature and humidity on a dashboard, added some automations and linked all my smart switches/devices. A great new world! Used a Pc I have always on running virtualbox on it.

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And if you using Grafana plugin,you get this:


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@Francisco Rivas, How did you get this?

And @paf, Do you know how to get data from sonoff to use with Grafana?

Flavio Lemos,you need HomeAssistant and Grafana plugin for this

I did not find it. I looked for "grafana plugin for sonoff" but I've got no usefull data.

What should I look for?

I wrote before:you need HomeAssistant and Grafana plugin

@PAF great! I´ve installed Grafana but could not manage to get the data source from my sensor, how did you do it?

@Flavio Lemos, first install Home-assistant. Check youtube for its installation on a virtual machine, after that check tutorials to load your Sonoff sensors. 

Thank you.

I'll try it NOW.

Sometimes i remember punching cards to feed them into an IBM 360 main frame in 1968! Not all of is grew up with the stuff guys! So for the rest of us, here’s a beginners video on how to install Home Assistant on a windows 10 machine - looks doable even for me- if anyone tries it let us know!!



I have managed to get this to work. I warn you it is not simple but the reward at the end is a fully functional data collection and monitoring system.


These videos are the best avaible to help you get it set up. These were the ones tha finally made sense to me. Search for others if you have too much time.




The steps are


1. Procure a Rasberry Pi 3+ or better

2. Procure a reliable micro SD card. (do not skimp on this it will save you hours and days)

3. Install Homeassistant

4. Install Grafana for home assistant

5. install Influx DB for home assistant

6. Install Sonoff for home assistant. TAKE YOUR TIME. follow the video and you wont go wrong



start graffing and collecting data

helpful video


Hope this helps.

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i keep trying to post a tutorial but cant sucseed.

see attached file.


Thanks @Mark I set this up and have it running. You are right that it took a bit to get running. Did you find a solution for forcing data refresh from sensor as only seems to pull info on state change or a large swing in temperature etc, where mine are located they have very little fluctuation and would quite like to have it pull a reading every minute for peace of mind

No, i dont have a interval polling figured out yet, but working on it. :).

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