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Temperature statistics for sonoff TH and Sonoff SC

It may be useful to implement Sonoff TH and SC temperature statistics in order to be able to see hourly graphs of the temperature, in a similar way as the sonoff POW consumption sample

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Please integrate with  or Ubidots or  thethings.iO  or any other free online IOT platform

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I will also like this function

Yes, please please adding logging and graphing !!!

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obvious feature

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I would really like to see this feature

Would love this..  even if there was a way to use something like ifttt to record the logs to somewhere like a google sheet.

There is a lack of historical records of temperature and humidity in TH devices. The same applies to POW devices with a record of power consumption and voltage levels. The chart from the record has already become a standard in the products of other brand-name brands.

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This is a excellent ideia. A data log seems to be one thing that my users need. Is itead thinking about this?

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I think so too. Readout history is missing, historical chart.

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Very useful, strange is not already there

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A desktop widget with visible current temperature for android will also be useful.

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Would be great to be able to get a nice temperature graph somehow. Either in the app or using some 3rd party IoT platform as suggested above.

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Use Homeassistant without flashing Sonoff,works great-history,graph and more else

Hay PAF how do you setup. Downloaded Home Assistant app and it’s looking for manual setup. What parameters did use to find your Sonoff?

sry about my english.You must run HomeAssistant on old pc or Raspberry.

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