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Temperature statistics for sonoff TH and Sonoff SC

It may be useful to implement Sonoff TH and SC temperature statistics in order to be able to see hourly graphs of the temperature, in a similar way as the sonoff POW consumption sample

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I haven’t actually looked, but I’d be surprised if someone hadn’t already done this. It seems such an obvious feature, even if it just uploading the data to IFTTT (it allows 3 variables ? Time/temp/hum ) I’ve lost my USB to serial device and am just waiting on a replacement. It seems unnecessary that they can flash firmware wirelessly and after the first time so can everyone else, but there is one occasion it needs to be hardware… I’ve messed around with Arduinos before so I was just going to use their very simple IDE. I need to wait and see the details of the local control of the proprietary EWeLink software first though. In particular will scenes be able to run locally…
Sounds a fantastic additional

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I use Tasmota on about 30 Itead devices (regular switch, rf switch, POW, Dual, TH) in my optinion Tasmota is the best 3rd party firmware, I use in conjunction with Domoticz running on a Raspberry Pi3, I can control all my devices from anywhere using iPhone android or web browser, have historical data on all on/off temperature and power data can also use Siri or Alexa and Google to control each device and get current temp / power status

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@Peter Ok, ok don’t leave the IT challenged of us hanging!! Is there a take me by the hand account of "how you do dat?"

Lets wait if Peter tells us the best way, or there is a precompiled version for "lazy people" here

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I think I'll buy a second TH16 to try this out - and not do this directly in my "production" system :-)

I was going to setup a similar system with a Iduino Yun Shield (already had) running an OpenWRT version of Linux and piggybacked on an Arduino UNO. I figured the Iduino could do this and the Arduino could run ambient noise/light sensors and control a TV backlight. Iduino is too flakey though and controlling it remotely over SSH is a pain. Might give up and just buy a Raspberry Pi 3; was it easy to set up? I have a cable mouse and an HDMI wire free already from the TV. Only Bluetooth keyboards though. I guess the energy usage of a real version of Linux might be higher. Also can you do analogue read at many ports? Some of the sensors I have are analogue outputs. Ta! Thanks.
Great idea im just about to set 1 up in a wee ventilated vivarium to see how it goes. This would be a great feature to have 
There is a limited way to see the temp history now since , once you set it to switch at certain temps, it does give you the history of every set temperature threshold cross it makes whether you have it actually controlling something or not. And can send you notifications of each cross but I think only one off and on setpoint per device. So even if you have to buy another just to track the temp changes you want to see while maybe switching with the first, it's still a cheap way to do it.
Yes, this is possible, but you get only the information when the temperature or humidity passes a configured minimum and maximum level. I've already tried using my Sonoff TH this way, but this did not address my needs...
Com on guys,. Pls read the forums and implement this. Even a SDK to interrogate the sensor would help.

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Please implement this. Having all info on the cloud is very simple. Just porting Sonoff pow code to TH also. Please
Yes, temperature humidity history graph would be excellent feature, would not need to flash sonoff with alternate firmware. 3hour 6hour 12hour 24hour 3day 7day 1month

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