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Temperature statistics for sonoff TH and Sonoff SC

It may be useful to implement Sonoff TH and SC temperature statistics in order to be able to see hourly graphs of the temperature, in a similar way as the sonoff POW consumption sample

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This would be a pretty awesome idea - I would have a ton of uses for this!

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It would be sufficient if it was simply supported under IFTTT

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Hello ITEAD Studio. 

Once again.  DO YOU READ THESE FORMS????

All of us really want this functionality either direct in the app or thourgh some external service that can poll the status of the device.

HELP US.  we really need it.

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This would be nice. I was kinda hoping that someone who knows some electrical engineering could say if there was the correct memory type on the circuit for this. The circuit is on the website. I would need to look up all the chips. An alternative would be for the ITEAD website to poll the device every X minutes, but I don’t know if their website is set up to be able to do that. I’m not sure it would be that much help if you needed to leave the EWeLink app open all the time to do the logging.

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Now that the TH16 can be accessed by IFTTT, it would be sufficient if the temp (and humidity) were simply returned along with the ON/OFF state of the switch. 

They don't need to be stored on the device for me. 

Using IFTTT, they can be stored in our own google sheets. 

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I have a Bluetooth thermometer that does similar (from a company now shutting; thermopeanut). It works with IFTTT and sends the temperature ‘ingredient’ but you would have to add a trigger every 0.1°C up and down etc. Although the device itself creates normal files IFTTT seems to require a trigger. There are no triggers for that device that involve a change in temperature: everything is absolute. I’ve never got round to it as the boredom level is too high. I guess it makes sense for IFTTT or their servers would be overloaded.

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I know temp logging would require a lot more site memory but , hey Sonoff, most folks would be willing to pay something for that?? Anyone here come up with a workaround??

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Actually, I found a tear down of a POW and a TH and they used the same memory chip. I was going to double check on the circuit designs themselves, but it looks like they could log data if they wanted (at least at half the rate of a POW anyway)

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If you are waiting for this useful feature like me, please comment and vote! Sonoff TH could really become a more powerful device if it offers statistics.

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Been asking waiting patiently. No response from Sonoff.

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Let's pay for it. It would be great. I must have a data log. I buy other devices because Itead don't do it.

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I think we’ve seen from the ongoing IFTTT debacle that they don’t employ huge numbers of people. Assuming the tear down I saw is correct, I don’t think they’d spend the money on the same memory chip as the POW unless they had once intended to do data logging. The device might even be data logging and they haven’t got round to integrating it into the app. Has anyone had a look for an alternative firmware that does it?

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Not familiar with the POW but i wonder if you could hack it to use a temp input instead of power input - you'd have to convert it from the app readings of course. The Th16 by the way has a spot on the board for a 2nd temp input - i think i saw a hack on that somewhere. Come on Sonoff, here's a way to run away with the market!
I was actually thinking even easier. Just reflash the chip with some already written firmware for the TH.

@EB Which firmware would you use? 

The last weeks have been a disaster with the network outages.

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