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Google Home

Amazon Alexa is OK but we want Google Home integration, Can we expect that in this year?

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"No VaporWare Policy ..."

sorry, when we have something to publish, we will be the very first who will do ...

We won't state any about things which are not finished. It wouldn't be very seriouse to give any ETA or other promise, which we maybe can't fulfill ... too many things can happen which may influence a given workflow ...

And there is nothing more bad than delay a given promise ... so, we just don't do ... sorry ...

Just stay tuned ...

btw.  who is "we" ?

Thanks, at least no one can say you don't answer. Still, An approximation would be nice so we can decide if we will buy an Echo or a Google Home. 

We, the people ;). The community who sees the Google Home as the best option.


as told, we won't state any about things which are not finished. It wouldn't be very seriouse to give any ETA or other promise, even not an approximation, which we maybe can't fulfill ... too many things can happen which may influence a given workflow ...

And there is nothing more bad than delay a given promise ... so, we just don't do ... sorry ...

I understand your decission issues, but an approximation, which maybe can't be hold due to whatever reason also won't help you much for this ... 

out of curiosity, how big is this community you speak for? 10000, 100000, maybe when I can show a community order of 100000 units to Iteads management, I can speed up things a bit? Until there, I only can see one ...

Two, then. I'd love to be able to connect these with my Google Home.

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Google home or assitant or IFTTT will be amazing .

I'm wanting to use these devices alll over my home

pool pump and filter, heating, CCTV power control, gates and doors, lights and security .

ready to invest and SONOFF looks like the device to invest in.

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As a part of we, 

I have ordered around 15 units of various sonoff.

If sonoff can work with google home natively, I will immediately order another 20 to 25 sets.

More to follow.

I dont use Alexia, I have 4 google home and very happy with "Google Home"s. 


Ops.. No edit it just re-posts...

Can we, get Gerry, his 100K orders

25 from me 

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I hope we are not being naive regariding the interaction and compatibility but this will be fantastic if it can be completed.

@Rob Reynolds,

I did get sonoff to kind of work with "google home", using a different firmware. However there is a very bad delay. (important NOTE: this is not only the issue of sonoff).
one of the good things I like (personal choice) with sonoff is, it is FAST, really FAST.

I have HUE almost everywhere at home, would be happy to replace it with SONOFF, 

(Separate NOTE: I was hoping to get the led control variant of SONOFF to do RGB I am sad it is retired.)

I wouldn't bet on ... Honestly, such ideas are great per se, and they are registered ... But very often things will develope different than expected ...

Let me give a simple example. In the past 1.5 years, many users asked for a capacitive Nextion touch-display. Many people argued the same, big community who support this all ... sounds really great.

Just one month ago we started an Indiegogo campaign to realize such a display. The nature of such a cowdfunding action is, that the community has the chance to let something happen in an active way ... Anyway, at the end of this campaign, what's left. below 100 backers, below 25% of fixed goal ... so what is the conclusion about this?

    - the supporting "community" is much more small than everybody told

    - wishes of a few are not mandantory wishes of all

    - not everybody who like to have something is also willing to support for actively

    - it is more easy to cry for something from background than from front ...

    - even somebody speak as "we" it is a bit naive to reflect to the big mass of a comunity

And it indeed let a statement as "we the big community" shine in a bit different not so bright light ...

1000 supporters would already be great, but thats still only 1% of the 100000 ... :-)

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@Gerry Kropf

I must admit, I FULLY AGREE with your statements, I am in the development too what is asked is not normally what sells (ROI). At the end it is a business decision (money and time spend) from your side.

I just would like to share my two cents;

SONOFF is not really an end user (dummy consumer) product. (yet) example, not like Philips Hue, there are some variants of SONOFF at the selves of big stores under different branding and different firmware.

SONOFF at the moment is an early adapters product, Same as what Alexa was.

if this article is about we have alexa support when we will google home support, i personally thing we/you will have to soon. (soon, before the new century or before the new sun rise is debatable LOL)

my personal experience, many of the alexa users (enthusiast category) will jump to google home, again "soon" :P


- both alexia and "google home" was originally targeted for US consumers.
- English is NOT my native language.

- Alexa initially had no clue what i was stalking  (improved massively over time) 

- Alexa initially did NOT do anything outside US.

- Google Home had no problem with generic English (NON US or UK) 

- Google Home worked perfectly in my Locale from day one with no issue. (while setting up it says this is not the correct country, that is it)

maybe the question is who will buy more of SONOFF US or rest of the world. :)

mhmhmhmhmh "rest of the world" ... just to mention ...

- around 20% of worlds population lives in China

- complete Google services are not available in China

- so, Google Home, independent how great it is, is just not available for 20% of worlds population

- and this number is even bigger, because Google services is also not available in many other countries ...

everything is possible, as long as you can find somebody who will finally pay for ... but for such things, you surely need a bit more than a few enthusiastics ...

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@Gerry Kropf 

sadly, for this topics point of view, you are absolutely right.

@Gerry Kropf 

oh for reference, I have deep doubts if alexa will work on those territories you mentioned.

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