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Google Home

Amazon Alexa is OK but we want Google Home integration, Can we expect that in this year?

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I want google home integration. Has someone tried it yet? what are the complete hardware requirements? I searched a lot but couldn't find a complete list anywhere.. What's a step by step approach since i'm totally new to this?


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Hi there.. I understand the reluctance to spend time building in integration into Google home.. it's like a chicken and egg situation.. but it would inspire people to buy a Home knowing they could add device control to their homes at a reasonable cost.. almost setup a defacto  standard for these devices ... From a personal point of view .. it would be the main thing I would be concentrating on .. all those current ( and potential ) users waiting to invest in my product. Of course I don't picture the full picture on where the business is going but good luck guys.. you already have a great product.. keep up the great work 



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Please please inegrate ewlink with Google Home

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@Gerry Kropf 

I am very confused, We have been asking google home integration and itead side kept on saying NO. (No argument here)

Now Sonoff T1 and Sonoff B1 is listed as google home compatible. 

are they google home compatible? does this mean that my recent purchase of over 40 sonoff devices are Now trash?

can you please shed a bit of light on this.


I am waiting for integration to Google Home/Assistant/IFTTT too. 

Hi It's now working great Thanks guys
Take a look guys Regards Rob.

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