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Use WiFi switch as trigger

With my 'Sonoff Remote Control' I can control my Sonoff WIFI switch .
It would be nice if that wifi switch could trigger other switches and smart sockets.

So with one push on my remote i could make a scene, switching all different devices together.

Even a smart socket should been able to be used as trigger for a smart scene.

It can't be difficult to enable this function.

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This could be under an "advanced" tab, and include named countdown timers. Example: turning off a sonoff's switch could turn on three other devices at times intervals. I have three separate lights in my passage, I could put a sonoff's switch at the front door which is not connected to any light, but turns on all three passage lights (by adding the above function.
Having just purchased several sonoff devices including a touch i have to say that the hardware seems good but the software is very poor. Frankly it is astonishing that the touch cannot be be used as a scene trigger. This is a completely obvious feature. To itead: why not open source the code so the community can make you decent software to accompany the hardware products you sell?

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Actually, I bought a touch switch to drive relays ... and it's impossible ...

The use is therefore really very limited, whereas it is only software.

@metay : look into the Tasmota firmware. I did just that at home.

If Tasmota firmware is flashed onto the switch, will the eWelink app still function?


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