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How to make switched on sonoff touch?

Hi, how can I turn on the same light with two sonoff touch? I do not mean to make a scene with the two and turn them off at the same time by wifi, if not to which one of the sonoff touch is physically pressed and the other is turned off. If this is not possible how are switched lights made?

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The software solution using scenes works well but there is the limit of 21 scenes so the limit of 10 switches in a whole house. I reached this limit and I still missing the 3 bedrooms with 9 switches.

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Srdan Letina: How do you mean connect all N wires parallely to light ? Can you upload wiring diagram ?

Maby This helps olso: I like to explain How to turn on/off A scene with A switch 433mhz and Sonoff RF. Buy A Sonoff RF and A double/triple switch 433mhz Go to RF brige + Alarm connect one of the buttons to the alarm Afther you connected the 2/3 buttons, Go to the scene menu, make Add a new scene Scene Name make your name. When iT meets + trigger device, RF Brige and choose one of your Made buttons Execute + choose the devices you want to turn on/off and save If you have questions ask in replay in the forum

@Srdan: That would work but would require new wiring installed in the walls. It would be best to have a way of retrofitting smart switches that uses traditional wiring in the walls for 2-way switches or bypasses the wiring requirement all together. 

Why not connect all N of the switches parallelly to the light and still use scenes? This way, all of the switches would work if there is no WiFi... 

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@Arye: Thanks, yes I will do that first (for now) for my 2-way switch. However an RF solution would be faster and wouldn’t require an internet connection, which is ideal for a wall switch so that it always works even if there is a connectivity problem somewhere. The other way would be for Sonoff to produce its own transmitters (like VHome) which could be cloned.
The right solution is to make it one Real switch. And the other a fake. And then use the app to create a Sense rule to link them together. Nice and easy!
I am considering the following possible solution for 2-way switch with or without neutral wire. With neutral wire, Use TC1 as main switch and for the second switch use an RF transmitter shaped like a wall switch (instead of remote). It appears the VHome transmitters use the same EV1527 chipset but I have not tested this. If there is no neutral wire at all then one can also install the Sonoff RF & IP66 switch in the ceiling and the RF transmitter on the wall. To have more than one transmitter, one would have to duplicate the transmitter OR have the Sonoff Receiver accept more than one transmitter OR install another RF Receiver module into Sonoff RF & IP667 switch, but I don’t know if this can be done. What do you think?
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to Nulda: Sonoff works only with Hot wire (L) and Neutral wire (N).
In your case, for two switches is wiring diagram similar then my for three switches.
Switch 1 - is master switch, from this switch is L out and N is connected to light, PE - is earth (not connected to switch)
Switch 2 - to this switch is connected only L in and N wire.
Physical connection betwen these switches doesn´t exist because they comunicate thru network.
For right function is necesery create scene in ewlink as follow:
When switch 1 is on then switch 2 is on also.
When switch 1 is off then switch 2 is off
When switch 2 is on then switch 1 is on
When switch 2 is off then switch 1 is off
Basically, it's what EW wrote.

PS: sorry for my english language.


(22.7 KB)

to Nevy: Sonoff doesnt work with two wire. I have only two switches.

One more thing... You will need an always "hot" wire and a neutral in the boxes to power your wifi switches.  If you replace the last switch on the right in the diagram with the "master" switch and tie the black wires together on the first two boxes then you are good.  The black wire will always be "hot" in all the boxes.  On the other hand if you want to put the "master" switch in box one or two from the left you could use the existing and otherwise unused red wire as an always "hot" for the dummy switches.

If you are doing a retrofit where 3 and 4 way switches are being replaced you would need to make a path to the light bulb in the boxes such that one switch was breaking the circuit and the other boxes were just hard wired together.  In the diagram below the red wires would not be used and the black wires would be removed from the switches and tied together with of course the exception that in one box your wifi switch would actually be breaking the circuit of the black wires.  In other words there is only one real switch and the others control it with scenes.


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