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How to make switched on sonoff touch?

Hi, how can I turn on the same light with two sonoff touch? I do not mean to make a scene with the two and turn them off at the same time by wifi, if not to which one of the sonoff touch is physically pressed and the other is turned off. If this is not possible how are switched lights made?

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I have one light on stairs, but first switch is upstairs and second switch is downstairs. So when I go from downstairs, I turn on light in first switch and at upstairs I turn off with second switch. It is possible? Can I use two Sonoff Touch switches?

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Hello nulda, do you fixed your issue? If not i can help you.
Hello fsonny, help me please.
Give me your email adresse and i send you a video
I send you an e-mail. Check it.
Im sorry i can't send the video by email ( more than 25mb) if you have whatsap i can send it to you
Have you whatsap or not?
Can i have the video too?
Many thanks
With pleasure

Hi, I have the same problem with group 2 sonoff swithes (stairs, corridor). Can you help me, please ?

 This is a Two way switch and it's absolutely ESSENTIAL for the T1's. Stairs and hallways often have a switch at either end for the same light. What I don't want is to end up with two or three different types of light switch.

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