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Problem on Sonoff Touch installation (US)

I bought the Sonoff Touch for US version. I have installed and paired the device, now it is working with eWink. However, this device should never be sold to the US and will never pass the UL certificate. For the following reasons.

1. Basic design flaws. The US electrical wiring for home in wall installation basically takes the Romex or Beamex format and the wires they provided are solid wires(photo 1). The basic design for Touch dose not allow margins for the screws to protrude from the mounting braket. (photos 2 and 3).  In order to install it, the bracket must be filed down with notches like the photos 2 and 3.

2. The latches of the Touch is too week to handle a solid wire installation(photo 4), basically it is about 1/2" from the wall bracket and the wires are exposed, After install the Touch, I have to use wires to tide it down (photo 5). This is absolutely not acceptable in electric code. In the US, plate covers are tide down with screws.

3. Apparently the switch require constant power to provide the wifi function. The US single cable (Romex or Beamex) wall installation comes in three wires, a ground, a neutral and a hot. The switch has provisions on neutral and hot wires, but has no provision for the ground wire. An ungrounded wire was used up to the 1960's but since 1970, it has been the standard for three wire grounded installation. 

4. Most homes has three way switches. Touch has no provisions for a three way switches.

The whole Touch concept is fine, but you'd better come here to learn about electrical system and codes (law). 

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Not only that, Gary, they should buy all kinds of in-wall boxes and switches from USA and other countries to configure their products, if they intended to sell to the world. For hobbiest, you can get by with anything, but for the Government approval and to be usable for construction purpose, they are far from it. The above mentioned Touch review on youtube is from Australia, apparently, Australia and USA have the same problems.

Besides, they have to put into consideration of old construction and new construction for in wall installation. A receptacle box from 100 years or even 50, 25 years ago is totally different from today's standard.


Nice report, Jack. Same problem in the US... Metal box edge contact... bad! And cannot get the wired unit past the mounting bracket to get it in the wall box. Also the screw size is insufficient to get sufficient torque down on solid wire. Sonoff can order up a variety of US switch boxes and try again. It will also not work on two or three gang boxes (where the box is wide enough for two or three switches). Better to make the touch section fit into a standard "decorative" switch wall plate.

Also, the two button Touch is not going to solve the three way switch. Please review the three way switch concept in the following youtube video

Please note that three way switch will not have full time power in each switch

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You should review this from Youtube

The screw you showed above is all the way in, if you have it half way, you cannot fit into the frame

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1.Why not allow margins for the screws to protrude from the mounting braket? from the attachment  picture 1,you can see there have rooms to release screws.

2.I don't why other people used it haven't this problem.Maybe you can show me more details like the size of device.that i can send it to our R&D team.

3. Maybe you are right.

4.We will release two button touch future. 

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