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TH10/TH16 with open/close input rather than temp/humidity

I'd like to have a Sonoff switch to monitor 1) a NO or NC switch, like a mercury float switch in a irrigation ditch or sump pump well, the input being either open or closed, 2)  a magnetic reed switch on a door or gate to monitor if the door or gate is open or closed, and 3) the state of load contacts on a 24 VAC relay (if the relay is energized, the contacts are closed, if not, they are open).

Rather than just having a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor available for the TH10/TH16 input jack, can a input device be made to simply plug into the jack to enable simple open/closed contact monitoring?


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This sounds great. If they could integrate a secondary contact into the 1 channel inching circuit that gives the status of a normal magnetic door contact.

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