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Sonoff th set temp based on schedule

This product is verry interesting and useful. However a very good thing to have will be the ability to set the auto temp based on a schedule. It is something other quite similar products have. Is like when you know that during the night outside temperatures are lower than the day time so you want to compensate with a higher threshold. Thank you!

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This will be very useful. Setting the temperature based on the time of the day is a must have for home automation and energy efficiency, please add this feature

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Agree, this is really standard function on wifi thermostat. Two automatic temperature. Day and night. 

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I assumed the schedule would have on, off and auto? Just had two delivered and discovered that's not the case. I can see that tasmota now has timers and a fork that supports the thermostat set points, guessing that's the way to go judging by the age of this ticket!

 Does anyone know if this request was acted upon? as I find it odd that I cant use the timer feature along side a set temperature aka auto

It is kind of ridiculous that you can't control a thermostat on a schedule by temperature.  

Has there or will this be done in the near future.


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