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ios problems with Sonoff - WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

I download ewelink and register. the registration finishes, I get the code on my email , so this is all ok, but the problems start when I try to login. At this point it says that this acount doesn't exist.

Does anyone work in this Company ? Support is below

0 . Waiting 11 days for the answer

Absolutely.  People work here.

So when such is a real bug report, staff dig in to locate the bug.

As such, report made when found and there is a solution.

But when user doesn't read FAQs and don't follow directions

and try to make their not reading into a firmware bug report

- it doesn't have the same effects or workflows.

a public forum is also maybe the wrong place to expect support as you want ...

it is always easy to blame others for own lack ...

the FAQ states VERY clear

    - use your APP to send your request
    - open a ticket in case of trouble

Nobody forced you to post your issue on the forums bug-report section ...
Nobody forced you to wait 11 days, it's up to you to open a ticket or not ...

but please dont blame that nobody answer you on a public forum ...


I do not blame other members of the forum because I did not expect help from them , but you as a company/support. I am glad that you have mentioned tickets , because I have opened a ticket as soon as I have bought your product, and it didn't work ( as described) and it was like 15 days ago and you haven't responded so I was forced to post on forum. Moreover, I have opened another another ticket 2 days ago on which you haven't responded, again .

What is your excuse now ? And the funniest thing is that you have responded in 5 minutes when I have spoken about your lousy support. 

So in conclusion, I am glad that other members/buyers will see this and see how professionally you run your business.

But your Sonoff documents also say send via APP.


1.Fail to register eWeLink account with email address Please update the APP to latest version. This problem has been solved in latest version.

2.Registration problems

   1)For Asian users, eWeLink only support sharing by phone number account.

   2)For users outside Asia, eWeLink supports registration by email address.

3.Fail to receive any validation code in registration. Please disable SMS blocking. Please check your junk mail box.

If you still can't receive the validation code, please submit a feedback on eWeLink APP.

An account not created is a failed registration no?

(Support Ticket is upper right of forum screen)

(Even more funnier that I jumped in because this is not a firmware BUG ... wrong placement for your needs)

I thought it best you are aware that public bug report when not reporting a bug

wont yield the result you seek.

But I didn't need to tell you this.  If not viewed as helping you get to the proper

channels (even by elimination of the wrong channel), I have other tasks to do

I will regress now.

the answer is very clear and easy ...

    - you didnt tell all details in your posting
    - your issue is even no firmware bug
    - you start blaming a whole company for this
    - you start blaming Support in general for this

Honestly, to blame a whole company when only a part is affected, is neither clever nor fair ...

btw. we are NOT SonOff Support ...


@Patrick Martin :

The first thing I did after the purchase of the product is to

download the app ( so it had to be the latest verson)

Secondly, the problem is not in receiving the code, I have

received it , and registered, this all went smoothly, but when

 I try to login it says that I am not registered. And I have sent a ticket from the

app instantly , but no one responded.

This is the problem with my iphone 7, while on samsung galaxy s7 it

works fine.


@Gerry : The MAIN problem is that you did nothing when I have

asked for a support. If you have just replied and said that you

 are not sonoff support , I wouldn't have said anything



Btw, what do you do then ? Only selling Sonoff products?

Then please tell me why don't you answer to support ticket #39555 ?

What we do (Gerry and I) is Nextion support.  We also own sonoff products.

As such owners of sonoff products, we are allowed to be in public forum?  No?

But we do not have access to your support tickets, therefore can not answer. 

We only tried to help you understand

 - the bug reporting process and wrong avenue for this, as you see you wait.

 - the next step you needed to take, via tickets or via APP (try app, really)

But why did you find yourself offended if this is not your area ? And why did you respond at first place :) ? As I have said , tickets opened on web and app, and no one responds. Moreover, one of the tickets  ( since there is no email to contact them ) is opened because I would like to buy bulk sonoff sv for my project, and even there they do not respond. 

Yeah, I could have said nothing and you wait, wait, wait because you approached it in the wrong manner.  But knowing how this works, at some point in the dev cycle it is collected and reviewed, your stranded request for help sits unnoticed until, and then in the hands of the wrong people to help you with your situation.   So I said something to point you in the right direction.

Advice on wanting to buy bulk:

- The QTY field will allow you to select quantity you wish to purchase.

- This available via the storefront.

But much info in sonoff FAQs, you seem resistant to read

4. I want to customize for hardware.

    You can contact our engineer Stan:

- When you want bulk they can even customize shell with your label

But lets be clear with what BULK means in China

- Bulk does not mean your ambition and future looking outlooks and hopes

- Bulk is when you commit to how many 10,000s and wire the funds for

   - for this you will have made phone call to arrange all - not use public forum

- Bulk is not 100, as such, use QTY field in website storefront

Must use proper channel for what outcome you goal for.

- don't be so resistant to FAQs, they will help you.  Really.

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