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Allow sonoff th switches to be controlled in smart scene

It appears I interpreted the features of the sonoff th switches incorrectly. I thought they could be controlled within a smart scene but it looks like they can only be the controller. If there is no measuring device attached the. It would be great if this switch had the same features as the basic sonoff switch. The sonoff th appears to be a better switch that the basic sonoff but has limited applications if it cannot be controlled by a smart scene controller such as the sonoff sc.

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I have exchanged some emails with Itead support, and the feedback I got was: They know about the limitation, and plan to address it in the future, but not in the immediate future. Personally I think it sucks, and I might be forced to by another Basic to have the system work as I intend to. Not sure where I'll use the TH then...

Hi All,

The TH ON/OFF can be set as trigger in smart scene in the lastest 4.6.0 which will be released on Oct.

Stay tuned.

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Hi everyone,

I'm using the latest version of Ewlink 4.6.0 and the latest version (3.4.1) of Sonoff TH16, and I still can't set the TH ON/OFF as trigger ! 

Is it working well for u guys ?

Thank you for your help.


Actually I am able to use them as a trigger, which is not useful at all for me. But, we still can't use them as an action.
They made it able to use as an "if" but not as a "then".

Hi Pedro, thank you for your answer.

In my opinion, it's useless to use the sonoff TH16 as a trigger !

Hope they'll allow us to use that fonctionnality very soon ! 

Also the temperature sensors are not pre:cise at all, more than 2° gap between sensors, I don't know if it's possible to calibrate them ! 

Have a nice day.


Hello, Stef 


I do not agree with you on the sentence:


"In my opinion, it's useless to use the sonoff TH16 as a trigger!"


Very often my clients have to use more than one TH + sensor because they cannot control each other.


For example, if one of the TH  detects at a lower temperature now it is impossible to let everyone else of other THs in the room or house!


There are many other similar options and they should be able to manage each other!



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