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Allow sonoff th switches to be controlled in smart scene

It appears I interpreted the features of the sonoff th switches incorrectly. I thought they could be controlled within a smart scene but it looks like they can only be the controller. If there is no measuring device attached the. It would be great if this switch had the same features as the basic sonoff switch. The sonoff th appears to be a better switch that the basic sonoff but has limited applications if it cannot be controlled by a smart scene controller such as the sonoff sc.

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Sorry, not my department - but I was just reading.

How is this a feature request, or what is your requested feature?

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The requested feature is the ability for a sonoff th switch to be controlled by another sonoff smart scene controller. From what I can tell sonoff th switches can only act as a controller or a manual switch. Whereas the sonoff (basic) can be controlled by the a smart scene controller. The sonoff switch seems a better option as an inline switch with the addition of the ground wire connectors.

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Okay with your Request now clear, I am sure they will be able to consider it

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I agree! This would make even the simplest devices seem smarter! For example: IF a Sonoff Basic enables THEN another Sonoff Basic can be enabled or disabled. Feature request: Add basic and other Sonoff products under "Trigger Condition".


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Me pasó algo parecido, creí que podría controlar otros TH y S22 creando escenas entre ellos pero no se puede controlar, estoy interesado en saber si es así, y si así fuera se podrán controlar estos desde un maestro o bien con escenas más adelante? Con los básicos entiendo que si se pueden controlar con un S22 o TH.

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Dejo unas capturas de pantalla conectados dos S22 uno con sonda ambiente y otro con sonda normal + dos TH10 uno con sonda normal y otro sin sonda
(46.8 KB)
(54 KB)
(93 KB)

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Tenho a mesma nesecidade! Tem como um sonoff simples servir como gatilho na scene?

I want to create a scene where I switch on a TH, in turn, it will switch on a 16A Power switch(Sonoff) but all in between 11 pm to 6 am.  I am able to create the scene but without the timeline. Please help.

Thanks in advance

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Looks like this thread was 2 years ago and th devices are still not able to be controlled in scenes.

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Any news about this problem it is stupid after 2 years  the problem to be exist .... 

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 I'm still waiting for this feature, that is really a fool, if you write to the support and then describe why you want this feature. And then you see here that it was demanded 2 years ago, that's really a joke ...

Hello WAKE UP SUPPORT !!! 10/10

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i have a sonoff th10. i want to put it into a smartscene to be the action device.

I ve got my sonoff sc in my living room and a i want, that when the temperature in the living room on the sonoff sc triggers the sonoff th10 that controls my heater.

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I really like to vote for smart scene (on/off) support of TH16 as well!

Im have all my wall switches TX smart switches and 1 place i need to control a TH16 to turn on LED light in a room with the wall switch. As simpple as it sounds, i can not pair a TX switch with a TH16 to simple turn on/off.
I have only this case a VIP paid account to use IFTTT services - for 1 action/scene.
But the delay over internet from switch to 50cm distance TH16 is more than 3 seconds :(
3s delay for a room light with wall switch is HUGE.

In worst case, allow native pairing or ewelink scene control for TH16 on/off with paid accounts only - fine with me - but its really not necessary to go over an thirdpart service like IFTTT for such simple thing.

I mean, its  just a software issue. You allow scenes for temperature/humidity but not on/off - why?

Today I checked this topic and it is the same: TH16 does not alpere as a controllable device in smart scene. I updated the app on my mobile and also updated the firmware on TH16. No change. Do you plan to fix this issu. This topic was opened 3 years ago and there is no change. It is really annoying.

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