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Sonoff TH10 -useless?

Hi all.

Bought first TH10 with temp sensor for testing.

And disappointed at start:

1. Temperature accuracy only 1' C - really? Even my 10 years old simple wall thermostat has 0,1'C accuracy :(

2. Tried to setup simple regulation schema:

turn on at  temp< 20' and turn off when temp>30'

- impossible by EWeLink!

Even if there is min and max temp setup -  both conditions cant be turned on - only one :( Disqualification for me :(

Any ideas? Am i doing something wrong?

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Ok - i am idiot :P

Forget about #2 - got it working. This EWeLink app setup is misleading :P

But is there any way to get better accuracy?

I have also found it to respond very slow. And the accuracy is off. Measuring in a cold room at -20 celcius it shows only -15
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