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Sonoff touch!

Hello everyone,

I am with a problem, here in my city, our energy is 110v, it´s one phase and one neutral. My sonoof touch has 3 socket, Lin,Lout an Nin.

How can I solve this?

I only have two cabes 1 phase and 1 neutral, I tried put phase into the Lin and neutral in Nin, but it's wasn't working. I tried jump Nin with Lout but the ligth turn on for a seccond and turn off in the sequence.

Anybody may help me?

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Can anyone makes an wire scheme for sonoff touch - an image? Please!

Okay, disclaimer - I am not Sonoff Support, but

If the Sonoff documentation is insufficient,

   Please have a certified experienced Electrician do the task for you.

An "I didn't know" will not be of much comfort when

  - someone gets injured or damage to property occurs.

It is your duty to know in advance of any installation

 - and if you do not know, it is within your ability and duty to delegate

But such ignorance will cause someone to be hurt.

 - surely no reasonable person could possibly desire that.

Any ideas guys? Did you reach to a solution? I have a grounding wire, how about using it instead of the neutral? Anyone with more knowledge than me can figure it out please?